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New member/First post - LAPC & Live at the Bike

DaleyGrindin Posts: 1Member
edited February 2014 in Broadcasted Poker
Hello All,

I just wanted to introduce myself to the Crush family.  Matt, 34, from Massachusetts, but now living in Oregon(Willamette Valley).  I work full time at a winery, but have played part-time poker for close to 7 years(a short stretch full-time).  The last 2 years I have taken the time to get more studying in with the help of forums, podcasts and seat open/crush.  I am taking my game to the next level with a nice part-time bankroll.  Oregon is obviously a weak poker state, but I have found a decent poker room that feeds me hours a couple times a week(cash).  

On Monday I am flying to LA for the LAPC and cash games.  Schedule is as follows : 

Monday, Feb 17 - 1pm $570 NL mix handed tournament, hopefully no cash games required 
Tuesday, Feb 18 - Obviously if I am still in the mix tourney all could be different.  Cash games then Live at the Bike 7pm
Wednesday, Feb 19 - Cash games then 4pm $350 deep stack turbo
Thursday, Feb 20 - Cash games then flying home

I have lofty goals for the next few months, but with no goals there is no hope.  I would like to travel to two more venues for cash/tourneys before WSOP, all depending on my work schedule of course.  The biggest goal is to get to the WSOP the end of May and play in the Millionare Maker and obviously juicy cash games. Due to work I would only be able to take the time off for one or maybe two smaller buy-in tourneys(WSOP).  I have the confidence/patience/skill and I look fwd to challenging myself on and off the felt.  I will post updates every morning starting Feb 18th for this first trip.  I would love any feedback, questions, why the fuck did you make that play, etc.  

I look fwd to posting, stacking chips and hopefully meeting some good poker people along the way.




  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 747Administrator
    Good luck!
  • BartBart Posts: 5,996AdministratorLeadPro
    edited February 2014

    Have you contacted anyone about getting on the board for the game next week?  Shoot me an email at Bart@crushlivepoker.com

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