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NL player makes hero call, looks like dumbass

DavidTuchman Posts: 790Pro
Limon's game. 5-5 with a $10 rock.

Friend of mine who is HU sit and go specialist...very laggy. borderline spewy especially for this game is down 2k+ and it feels like he's tilting.

He straddles on button to $20.

Gavin limps, I limp, Limon limps. Villain makes it $110. He's got $830 - I have him covered.

everyone calls ... pot is $440

I have QQ56ds

flop J34 (I have backdoor flush draw)

Gavin checks, I check, Limon checks ... While Villain tanks, Limon literally checks out. He makes a comment that essentially tells the villain and anyone noticing that he's done with the hand. It was at that moment that the villain bets pot.

Gavin tanks. I genuinely think he's tanking with an overpair...eventually he folds.

I shove with no FE.

Is that awful?

Sometimes in PLO, I read my opponent as weak and make hero calls like I would in NL only to find out that my opponent was indeed weak and I still can't beat him.

How do you guys deal with that?

How light can you call a guy in that situation.

Btw, it turns out he had dry KK ... (Gavin folded AA)


  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited March 2014
    A habit that may be a hangover from NLHE is "checking to the pre flop raiser"... there are many situations in PLO where it's less good, especially against decent PLO players.

    Did you consider leading the flop?

    Anyway, I don't like villain's play that much -- I don't mind him c-betting here, but it seems like an "I'm scared, I'm not sure what to do, I'll just bet pot and hope they all fold" type of bet.

    Your line of check/shove I don't like nearly as much as leading flop... he's likely to just call, and very likely you can get him to fold the turn (depending on what the rest of his hand is). You can easily have a set, two pair, or a wrap.

    It's tough to call down with a dry overpair on all 3 streets in PLO. That's a board that shouldn't hit his range too often.

    Cliffs: Limon is the only one who played the hand really well, imo.
  • fishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Yeah, I like a lead here. I don't like shoving as he's never folding and you're likely behind.
  • ScottyScotty Posts: 48Subscriber
    Leading here is the best play.

    That being said. Once you check and villain pot CBs it just comes down to a range analysis math question. If you give him good Jxxx, KK, AA, discounted sets (due to pf action and potting flop) and low rundowns like 5678, then you should have enough equity to profitably get it in. You have 10 outs to the nuts and need 40%+ equity to be +EV.

    Looking at PPT you have 41% equity vs his range so shoving is just slightly profitable. Folding would be fine too, just depends if you wanna gambool.

    PPT equity link
  • ScottyScotty Posts: 48Subscriber
    actually I misread the stack size just slightly. I thought he had $830 left after raising to $110. but if he had $830 total ($720 after flop) then you only need 38% equity which makes a shove even more +EV,
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