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Live at the Bike 3/4/14

TomBayes Posts: 81Subscriber
edited March 2014 in Broadcasted Poker
I'd say this is one of my favorite episodes in a while. It was a $5/$10 uncapped game, with some action players including two attractive female players. Lily in the #7 seat was spewing a lot--I wonder if she was on LATB to advertise and to try to gain a crazy LAG reputation, or maybe she's just a crazy LAG. Ebony in seat #8 took the opposite track--played solid with no fancy play and I think she booked a nice win.
Harry came in towards the end of the episode and was in the #1 seat--always strange to not see him in the #3 seat, which was occupied by Sarkis. Zack the poker tells book guy was in the #2 seat and was pretty tight/nitty. Sarkis plays weird, sometimes nitty and sometimes spewy and its hard to tell when he's in what mode.
Oh, and Tuckman seemed to spend the entire episode correcting every single thing Brian Shin said...


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    edited March 2014

    Now the Dynamic with David and Brian.. Brian says things and they maybe not correct so you end up trying to counter what he says when he says something again that might be incorrect and you have to correct again.. he tries but most of his experience is in limit games..

    Thats why when I do the show with Dave I just let him do the strat talk and I just ask questions.. Then he gets mad at me after the show for trying to give away too many secrets he he :wink:

    That said I was actually really shocked how nasty the chat was towards the gals.. Was Lilly playing loose and aggressive? Yes but then why is she a fish and the names come out as opposed to say Corp Mike?

    then some of the comments were just stupid from a strategy point of view and now the spew came at me.. wtf?? I am not one to really engaged in that stuff but really was not cool.. These ladies wanted to play and put their money where their mouth was and good for them! my bankroll cant take the risk of playing that game yet and I think alot of the comments were just jealousy..

    I aspire to have my bankroll big enough to play in 5/10 no cap..

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