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Parx/Harrah's Philly trip report

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I would love to go back to Parx. The players there were pretty bad.. much worse than in Vegas or LA.. There was a very high propensity to try and "trap" others.. I saw this alot when I played about 6 years ago in Atlantic City and it seems Parx is the same.

Hands of note
#1 I played a huge 300+bbs pot with a Gal who was raising pre with SCs and flatting (trying to trap) with Big made hands.. She check raised me on a 104c5c two club board when I raised pre and had pocket 10s.. I shipped her 130 check raise (to 200 from my 70 cbet) for about 600 more.. She virtually snap called me with KK

#2 I hit a Ace high flush on the river against two players one who bet into me with the Jack high flush on a paired board. I value raised river and he called.. Probably could have gotten more but this was huge for me since before I hand read I would have been aftraid of the paired board and not raise.. I got an additional 130 value in a 300 pot.

I ran pretty badly in high pair hands with the exception of the 10s but I still had a great score and would definitely come back.

Harrah's was near the airport so today I decided to just get up and drive down there to be close..It was like playing at Aria.. Stock full of players who knew what they were doing. Running tptk and an overpair into sets also didnt help too much. No way would I EVER go back there and play.

I always find it interesting with all the different places I play how the players are in these casinos. So for Morongo still has the worst players but Parx is a close second.. Parx would be more profitable because players like that gal are so willing to play for stacks when they are deep. Morongo most players buy in short.

Next up for me is Hollywood casino in west virginia in two weeks. I of course will report from there after.



  • Thanks for these updates. I am looking at places to move to and I am always curious what the poker scene is like in different parts of the US. If anyone else has reports I think that would be a cool thread on this site. So, people have an idea if they are on vacation or what not.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    Poker is certainly going places it hasnt been before. That said Las Vegas and LA have the most games.. Players will be better in LA but its hard to beat the lifestyle. I am very fortunate to be able to travel for work and I like to combine my poker passion when I have the opportunity.

  • I figured LA/Vegas are the best places to play. I've heard the lifestyle in LA is nice. I'm not sure where I want to live and I get to move with my job. So, I am always looking to see what the poker scene is like in other areas. Plus I was thinking if people are traveling they could use this site as a reference to get info about different casinos.

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Vegas is ALOT cheaper than LA and the games are softer if you stay away from Aria.. That said I still cant stand being there for more than a week. I have stayed there twice for a week or longer and I was dying. There wasnt much to do other than gamble and I have only one friend in the area..

    I would really like to see how the games are in Florida or the gulf states.. I bet it would be nice to live there and I am sure its cheaper than LA.

  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    I was just in Maryland yesterday and today and played at Hollywood Charlestown last night. The place was jam packed on a friday night. They had a bunch of tables running inthe upstairs poker area, which is an expansion to the regular poker room. The 2/5nl games were really good as you would expect. Bummer to go 0-fer with big pairs, but I still managed a win.
    One especially amusing hand was when I raised with two red aces and got three callers. I cbet the 742r board and got called in 1 spot. Turn was another deuce. I bet again figuring he would probably give up 66 or 65 or whatever. But instead he check raised big. I folded and he showed a 2 as he mucked. He said "That red deck has been throwing out twos every time! That's why I called. That was my thinking."

    "Nice hand sir"
  • Its funny you say Aria. Lat two times I did really well there and had some soft games. My worst place to play is the Wynn. I am curious what the games are like in Florida. I bet its pretty juicy. And like you said the weather seems to be ok. lol
  • Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
    wendy weissman said

    Next up for me is Hollywood casino in west virginia in two weeks. I of course will report from there after.

    I suspect it will set a new standard for horrible play...

    In somewhat related news...2 donkeys at my 2/5 game got into a battle of who was the bigger gambler and started blind raising to 500 Friday night. Donkey A lost 6 straight to Donkey B before they both left the table...all in a 15 minute span.
  • Wendy-I am a WV player who plays in Charleston (Mardi Gras)-not Hollywood up north there and let me tell you, the play is pretty bad here, and people will go up there to play due to the soft play! So good luck as I have read a good bit of threads and am sure your game will do well there.
  • WillWay Posts: 35Member
    Hey Wendy-
    The games in Florida run softer on average than any other place I've ever seen. With that said, it goes w/o saying more games tend to be 2/5 and under rather than larger most of the time in most rooms. After visiting and booking 4/6 winning sessions in a week there @ 3 different casinos in S. Florida, I would love to live there year round. It is cheaper than L.A., and the weather is amazing most of the time minus the smog : ). I stayed in Ft. Lauderdale, and there were multiple casinos/racinos there that were great, especially the Isle at Pompano, where there were many tournament players coming over to the cash games during a series....amazing stuff. There are around 7 or 8 casinos nearby, and lots of promos for players since the market there is competing for the action so heavily. Check it out whenever you can, especially if you can be there for the tournament series events!

    P.S. haven't played in Jacksonville or Tampa but those are burgeoning areas for poker now as well....but I will next time ; )
  • Philly Dave Posts: 114Subscriber
    Hi Wendy. Your comparison of Parx v. Harrah's Philly is interesting. Harrah's is my home casino. I play mostly 1/2-300 and occasionally the 2/5-1000. There is also a 2/5- 2500 (deepstack) game that goes which I don't play. I am guessing a lot of the Parx regs were at Borgata last week as it was the first week of the big tournament series there. I was playing 2/5 at Borg and there seemed to be a lot of Parx regs there.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I will be traveling to Philly for a demo on Friday. Flying in on Wed eve.. will probably play Parx on wed and for sure on Friday. Whoever is around come by and say hi. I might be playing o8 and 1/2 so look for me there..

  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 789Subscriber

    Probably won't be able to catch up with you this week; Wednesday is a long shot, and I'm already volunteer dealing in a charity poker tourney Friday night. If anything changes I'll let you know.

    Good luck. Too bad you couldn't come down this week, they're wrapping up their big tournament. Place has been packed. As of 11:30 PM Saturday right now its 27 1-2 games, and 10 2-5 games. Scored my biggest win ever tonight at 2-5.

  • ILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
    I..... couldn't disagree more. In my opinion, Parx is the toughest 2/5 room in the country, maybe the world. This is probably due to a relatively educated and intellectually advanced location, on the crossroads of Philly, NYC, and NJ. The room is always full of regs and grinders, and I would challenge anyone on this forum to be a winning 2/5 player in that room. I am one of the local regs myself, but to be honest, I'm always excited to have a chance to play somewhere else.

    Harrah's is significantly smaller, normally running 2-3 10handed tables. It is noticeably softer, since many good players don't want to go to Chester And it is South of the city, closer to DE than to NYC... It is also normally full of regs, but they are much looser. On top of that, the lineup always includes a couple of really bad players.

    Compared to Parx, my limited experience in LA and FL was more like shooting fish in a barrel.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    Its so funny how different people and different days can make all the difference.. I wonder how much the big tournament at the Borgata affected the player pool while I was there last time.

    What I can tell you is the game I played the one day at Harrah's had players that understood the game and were pretty good. I did not find that at Parx.. I will get the opportunity to see the difference this week.

    I will be wearing jeans, black leather jacket and most likely a shuttle endeavour tshirt (lol I know I am a geek!)
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Trip postponed until first week in March.. Hope to see some of you then!.. such is the life of the demo goddess.. Wink
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