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KK preflop against aggression

napncrash Posts: 177Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Here we go!

So this has been a pet topic of mine for a while now... kings preflop.

Everyone says "just get it in." And I don't necessarily disagree. I play regularly at the 2/5 level and almost never see people going bonkers with JJ, very occasionally with QQ and very occasionally with AK. When stacks start flying around preflop, it's almost always KK and AA. KK is a dog against a super tight range.

When you have the AA side it's an easy game. But when you have the KK side, you're in a tough spot.

"Just get it in." Ok, maybe.

You are deep at 2/5. You open UTG for $25. This was the raise necessary to be able to get the hand about 3 handed. Any less and you're usually seeing a flop 5ways. Two calls in late position. SB Russian? guy ($800 effective) who has been check raising me and showing bluffs (with the best hand) over the past half hour makes it $100 straight.

BB folds. Action to you.


  • AdamGabbert Posts: 12Subscriber
    Sounds lime your ahead of almost all his wide range. I would raise to 250 pf. If we are heads up against this aggressive
    Opponent id call with the expectation he will bet the flop then raise him. Either way i dont think you can be afraid to
    get it in with KK pf. Youll make alot more $in the long run.

    Having said that, im still learning the game.
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Stack sizes are super important here! So, you have 800 yourself? How much do the other guys in late position have? Are they likely to overcall for 100 if you flat? What's your image, how would villain perceive a 4bet from you? Any reads about his 3betting range? Can he have bluffs in there?
    Any idea about his cetting frequencies in 3bet pots?

    Depending on the above factors and how comfortable you are postflop, I would consider flatting and playing some poker post. By doing so, you his range wide (keep in QQ, AK, possibly JJ, AQ, and weakerr/bluffs). Just be aware that you have only <2 PSB left and will encounter some difficult spots later in the hand.
    As an alternative, 4bet small and evaluate IF he really comes over the top again (difficult to imagine he would do this with weaker since your 4bet despite two othernguys in the hand looks extremely strong).
    There are times where folding KK pre is a reasonable play, but you need very specific reads about villain to make this the best play.
  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    800 effective in 2/5, I would probably just take my chances and get it in, especially against the kind of villain you described

    It might get sticky when you're around the 300BB stack sizes when you 4-bet and get 5-bet by someone who never does it light.

    Nothing wrong with flatting a 3-bet with KK when you're not sure and re-evaluating post-flop with the bonus of potentially hitting a set
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