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240BB's and unsure

Collecting_Tax Posts: 177Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$1200 Effective

Villain- competent player with tons of history. Opens pretty wide. Will play hands tricky. plays LAGGY. will pounce on weakness. Is not stacking off light. I believe views me as competent and thinking. knows that i will lay down big hands.

Hero- good winning image. usually LAG but have been card dead all night so might be viewed as TAG although we have plenty of history so this may not matter.

2 limps, Villain raises to $25, Hero calls in the sb with 44, both limps call.

($100) Jd 4h 7s

Hero leads for $70
2 folds
Villain snap calls

($240) 9d

Hero Bets $175
Villain pretty quickly raises to $350
Hero tanks for a while and calls

($940) Jh

Hero bets $475

Ok so I really struggled here and when i say i tanked on the turn i mean for like at least 3 minutes before finally calling. What do you guys think? Am i bet/3betting turn to get value from all the draws he may have picked up? If i do bet/3bet and he jams can i fold? am i ever good in that spot with bottom set? Then there is the river, I felt like checking now that top pair paired would be a collosal mistake so i bet half pot but in retrospect i am never bluffing there so can i get called by worse? Basically i just feel like i royally botched this hand and would like advice on all streets but mostly turn and river since i think pre and on the flop is fine.


  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Leading the flop is nice, I might even make it slightly bigger given the stack sizes and hiw drawy the board is, but 70 is certainly fine. Betting turn somewhat large is also very good, since there are a million weaker hands that will call a decent bet (two pair, pair+draw, etc).

    When he raises you OTT, that's really the most interesting spot in this hand. His raise is pretty small, so the question is what does he want to accomplish with it? Have you seen him make a small turn raise with medium strength hands i(putting on a draw) in order to see a free showdown? I think he would bet bigger with hands that beat you right there, do you agree? But since there are lots of bad river cards for you, I probably would not 3bet the turn anyhow (not sure here, would love to hear other opinions, but I'd need to be very confident that he does't have better here).
    So, I like your line of calling and betting good rivers. The jack is a generally good card, not only because you boat up, but given the turn raise he should have a lot of top pair hands that have trips now.But I would def. bet bigger here, for two rasons. First, the hands I mentioned will probably call a large bet (putting on a busted flush draw), and second, you lower the chance of getting bluffed. If he still raises you, I'd most probably fold. With a smaller river bet, I might talk myself into having induced a bluffraise and call.
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