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Spot facing a value-ish river bet

khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
5/5 PLO game @ Maryland Live, it was straddled UTG to $10 pretty much every time, so effectively it was a 5/5/10 game.

Straddle pot, limped around to me in the BB, I complete the straddle with A K J 7 -- not a hand I'm thrilled with in a multi-way pot OOP.

The straddle was a good reg I know from a local 5/10 PLO game, but he'd been tilting a bit (which was uncharacteristic of him), and he also was habitually potting it from the straddle if it was a limped pot.

Villain pots it to $60 total. The 3 other limpers call, I call, so we're 5-way to the flop, pot $300

Flop: K 8 4

I check, and surprisingly Villain checks. I say surprisingly because he'd been 3-betting with plenty of low run-downs that hit his board with a pair + gutshot, and he had been c-betting at a high frequency. It gets checked around.

Turn: 7

This completes 56xx but brings a backdoor flush draw, and gives me two pair. Based on the flop action, I think I'm ahead most of the time here, and bet for value, and to protect my equity. I bet $250 into $300

Villain calls, and his friend who is the button also calls. I'm assuming Button picked up a backdoor flush draw or such.

River: 3

I check because I don't think many worse hands are calling me on this board, and if Villain decides to bet, I can see how Button reacts and reevaluate.

Villain bets $700 into $1100, a fairly value-ish sized bet from what I'd see of Villain. Button folds.



  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,146Subscriber
    I like a check/fold line on this river, as villain isn't leading $700 into two opponents with any value hands worse than top and third pair.

    FWIW, I also like a check/call line on the turn, as I think it will be tough to get called by worse (maybe the backdoor NFD, but that's about it). Yes, in theory you are "protecting your equity" against Kxxx and Kxxxss and JT96 and such, but if those hands aren't folding, then you're not really protecting equity, you're just bloating up a pot. If you're gonna bet $250 and get called, why not just call $250 if someone bets, and hope it gets checked through?
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited March 2014
    Let's rewind the action. Villain:

    1) Raise OOP from the straddle to pot
    2) Checks back the flop
    3) Just calls my turn bet
    4) Then bets 3/4 pot on the river when I check to him

    I thought about this for longer than I probably should have, because I think it's an easy call. He's rep'ing 56xx -- but any hands he raises pot with preflop from the straddle that have 56 in them also hit that flop with one or two part plus a gutshot. This villain is betting that flop if he flops a pair + gutter, definitely 2 pair + gutter. If he has AA56 he's betting that flop too.

    Then what 56 combos could he possibly have in his range that aren't raising the turn when I lead? He'd have to have 56xx with the nut FD or 56xx with a set that he's uncharacteristically deciding to slowplay.

    What else is he betting for value that checks back the flop, and doesn't raise the turn? A rivered set of 3s (because I rarely have a straight after checking back the river)? I have blockers to KKxx and 77xx, and I also doubt he'd play either hand that passively, especially the flopped set. 88xx he's 100% cbetting that flop.

    So I ended up calling. He said "You're good" before I even tabled my two pair.
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    @reedmylips I think the turn is a clear bet/fold situation. Check/calling that turn is pretty bad imo, and you have no idea how to play any rivers.
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