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AKo - reshove to get it heads up, or keep weaker hands in OOP

chriswt Posts: 37Subscriber
edited March 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Game has been relatively loose with raised pots and 3-bet pots going 3 or 4 way to the flop.

Hero has a neutral/losing TAG image, ran AA into 32o on a K23 flop and 3 turn for stacks in a 5-way raised pot. (~$400)

Villain 1 is an unknown rec player, slightly older gentleman (~$250)
Villain 2 is a loose/passive whale who ran the 32 into my AA, will definitely call 3-bets extremely wide pre-flop. (~$300)
Villain 3 is a middle-aged rec player who is relatively solid but just lost a big pot (~$82)

Hero is dealt A K in UTG+1 and raises to $15.
Hero is called by Villain 1 (MP) and Villain 2 (HJ)
Villain 3 shoves for $67 more on the BTN.


Assume that if we just flat here, we will get called by at least one of two villains with a range that is definitely worse than AKo, and hands that are dominated, KT+, etc. Should we flat here to keep both villains' ranges wide (perhaps even stack them when they call down with TPWK), or shove to get heads up and protect our equity against what is likely a flip (V3 likely has TT+ in this spot)?


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