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made hand turning to a bluff vs bluff catching

dapperdave Posts: 26Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I am not sure if I am asking the right question because I have yet to receive a response on LABT.

What boards is it appropriate to turn your made hand into a bluff and what boards is it appropriate to simply bluff catch on the river?


  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    That's such a wide and general question that it's very hard to answer in a vacuum. You could probably write a thesis about this two questions.
    I'll try to start with something, though:

    I makes sense to bluff-catch if the following factors are true:
    - due to the board runout, villain gets to the river with a lot of hands that don't have decent showdown value (e.g. lots of draws don't come in)
    - your range is perceived as mostly weak and medium strong hands, with some showdown value (e.g. one pair type hands, etc.)
    - villains tendencies make it such that he turns lots of those hands into bluffs
    I'd say the last point is AT LEAST as important as the first two.

    You can turn this around and reprase it to answer the second question. It makes sense to turn your hand into a bluff if
    - you don't have any/enough showdown value on the river to win against the majority of villains range
    - villains range is rather weak with lots of medium strenght hands and some showdown value
    - Villains tendencies make it probable that he will fold most of those hands

    Now, you could construct board examples where the above factors are true. Bart mentions many good examples in his podcasts.
    Hope that answers your question at least to some extent?
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