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Article 78: Playing Small Pocket Pairs from OOP

jeffnc Posts: 57Member
edited March 2014 in Crush Live Poker Articles
"Well what about limping then? Limping can be a viable strategy with small pocket pairs if the table dynamics are such that people play relatively passive preflop. And his is the type of table profile of your typical $5-$5 game or lower. Usually people are not punished for limping in from early position and up front limping will sometimes cause a cascade effect that will make others limp in the pot as well which is something that you definitely want to happen."

This is so true, and I wish more authors and forum posters would acknowledge that limping first in a pot is not always a sin punishable by death. In the game conditions mentioned, limping is fine (and sometimes OK with hands other than small pocket pairs too), and the cascade effect is very real and not uncommon.

I would add that in addition to passive preflop play, ideal conditions for playing for set value also include aggressive postflop play. That perfect combo isn't common, but it's ideal when you can find it.


  • RONALDBEARDSLEE Posts: 43Subscriber
    Anything is ok sometime, but I think you will make more money raising 3x, you fold out 7-8 ect's that could beat you and set mine that will not be seen, plus the possible for bluffing is greater on a dry board or Ace high.
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