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9Ts - Interesting Flop Situation

YoungGrinder Posts: 210Subscriber
edited March 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Played a short session today and got into this hand which I found very interesting after going back and running some equities.

V1: REC 60 year old man. Appears to be playing fairly basic fit/fold ABC Tight Poker. I've seen him donk out big with pretty huge hands as well as some lesser hands. He appears "merged in his donk range". (Covers)

V2: Aussie 30 year old REC player. Plays pretty loose from what I've seen so far. Tends to be pretty aggressive as well including making some merged river value bets that I was rather surprised by. Tends to only open to 15 no matter the situation. His raises tend to be QJ+, TT+ type hands. (Covers)

Hero: Tight Aggressive Player. Losing Image. All but one time I've raised, I've either been 3-bet by an older man and shown a huge hand or whiffed the flop/gotten a bad c-bet board/too many people in the hand to c-bet. ($500)


V1 limps from +1. V2 raises to 15 in the HJ. Hero calls in the CO with T 9 .
3-ways to the flop.

Flop: 7 8 9 ($45)

V1 donks for $40. V2 fairly quickly min-raises to $80. Hero ???

In the actual hand, I decided to fold because I never imagined V2 would raise/fold as a REC Aussie Gambler nor did I know if V1 had flopped a monster or 2-pair+. I think that's a bit too MUBs though.
After looking at some equities, while I don't think there's a problem with folding, I think that raising may be more optimal.

9Ts vs TT+ for V2 is 42/58
9Ts vs QQ+ for V2 is 48/52
9Ts vs TT+/JTs for V2 is 39/61

Anyone think raising to $220 and jamming most turns for $265 is going to be a more optimal line?
If I had TT in this hand, due to blockers and equity, I would most certainly lay down the hammer.


  • marseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    I like your fold. I think raising is pretty spewy against a pot-size donk and minraise. Why are you not calculating equities against two players? Do you have some read that V1 is weak? Also, seems like a really nitty range to assign Aussie given description.
  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    i just stoved it, too. don't know if you agree with these ranges, but they seem reasonable to me.

    villain 1: 77-99/A9suited/98suited/87suited
    villain 2: 88-AA/JTsuited

    villain 1: 30.4%
    villain 2: 32.8%
    you: 31%

    i think we have to remember that a donk-bet from villain 1 with this board is probably pretty strong. even tweaking the ranges a little, i think you have very, very, very little fold equity against most of both of their ranges, and if you bombed you'd basically just be committing to the hand as a 30% dog. i guess if you ended up getting it in vs. BOTH, you'd almost be getting the right price, but the numbers still wouldn't quite be in your favor.

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