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77 overpair from BTN

GODMODE09 Posts: 94Subscriber
edited April 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Loose 1/1$ game. CO raises to 10$ after 5 limpers with <75$
Hero flats with 77 from BTN with 120$ hoping atleast 3 other limpers would call like it happens every time when there is a raiser and a caller , limpers come along. But surprisingly everyone folded and it's heads up to the flop.

Flop ( 26$) 622r. Villain checks . Hero bets 12$. Villain flats . ( villain is capable of floating a lot ).
Turn ( 50$) 5x. Villain checks and hero bets 30$. Villain thinks and puts the rest of his stack in for 20$ on top. Hero makes a crying call.

I seems to have a big leak when playing pairs <10s. Every time I end up loosing money and it adds up to decent amount every session. How do it play pairs profitably?


  • Slingtown Posts: 42Subscriber
    Well the problem here as I see it is the actually game you are playing in. Stacks are not deep enough to really be playing smaller pocket pairs profitably in anything but I limped pot really.

    First, set mining here isn't profitable because the villains don't have enough money behind them to make calling preflop worth it. Also you don't have deep enough stacks to use your position postflop and bet at boards you miss which is at least an option in a deeper stacked game based on the villain on the hand.

    I've never really played a 1/1 game but I'd image the only profitable way to way is to play your big hands. Even then the rake in tha game is prolly killing your win rate. I recommend playing a deeper stacked 1/2 or 1/3 game as you can really take advantage of a lot of the concepts you are learning here.
  • napncrash Posts: 177Subscriber
    edited April 2014
    Slingtown is right.

    Your villain isn't deep enough to set mine with pocket 77. If you go with Bart's advice: you want to be confident you can make 15x your call from the pot+villain's stack. So unless you know he'll stack off with an over pair and you know the pot will be a certain size, your call isn't best.

    That doesn't mean a raise isn't in order, but I'm not very well versed or skilled in short stack play.

    What did villain have?
    PS: You can fold when he jams. With his line, he's probably not bluffing you. If he was check/peeling with AK or something, he would have most likely folded to your turn bet. $20 is a lot at a 1/1 game. Cry calls are usually bad calls.
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