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Flopped gunshot and facing donk bet

GODMODE09 Posts: 94Subscriber
edited April 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain was a new player. Have no reads on him. But I can fairly assume he's a fish , atleast a donk.
1/1$. Hero raised K Q from co to 8$. SB and BB called.

Flop (25$). A 10 9 SB checks, BB villain donk bet 10$. Hero?

BB has 70$ and hero has 100$+.


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    easy fold.. for one card you need pot to be 11x the bet.. pot has 26 dollars and 10 to call. meaning you need to make an additional 80 or so to make the call profitable.. if you think he will stack off with say a pair of aces then you can call.

    that said in general I think you wont get his stack.. backdoor flush draws can kill your action ..also 4 card straights.. player dependent but when he leads out in general he has at best a single paired ace.. he doesnt have two pair and the J might scare him as well.

    If he were deeper I might consider calling a gutshot when I am drawing to the nuts and I feel villain has two pair or better or will have two pair or better if I hit..

  • GODMODE09 Posts: 94Subscriber
    IMO and from what I have seen when someone donk barrels , they usually show up with second or third pair with weak kicker or straight draws and gutshots most of the time.
    Actually there was this next hand where I raised with AJ from CO and he started donk barreling again on AKx flop from blinds and when I shoved turn when he bet 20$ into 60$ when he had 20$ more behind! he folded .
    I should have let him barrel he river with his middle pairs, draws , bluffs. I thought if he had draws he would call allin on turn and might check fold river if he missed. But I think he would have barreled his stack off with busted draws also.
    In this hand though I called flop and turn was another 9 and he bet 20$ and I folded. River was a straight for me.
    In these games I play these donk inflate the pot for no reason and them they have a hard time letting go off their hands. They do all kinds of random stuff to desperately win the pot and don't mind getting stacked off in the process. :lol:
  • napncrash Posts: 177Subscriber
    1) You can peel one if you think he'll 100% stack off if you hit. If there's any chance he won't, then fold. You're so shallow, you're probably best to just fold. No big deal.


    2) If you're playing deeper, raise and attack the donk bet. It works a SHOCKING amount of times. He'll often times just fold. But stacks are important. A flop raise leverages all the money behind without betting it, so it works best if effective stacks are 100bb-ish or bigger.
  • Defacist Posts: 131Member
    edited April 2014
    GODMODE09 said:
    IMO and from what I have seen when someone donk barrels , they usually show up with second or third pair with weak kicker or straight draws and gutshots most of the time.
    You're not in very good shape here vs. second or third pair with weak kicker. You're in even worse shape against any ace. And there's a whole bunch of other stuff that has an edge against you -- like literally any pocket pair. You're a favorite against the other possible straight draws, but if he happens to also have KQ you're only slightly better than 50-50 (the only way you don't chop is if your backdoor flush draw comes in). Of course you beat a total bluff, but is he going to bet total air into a preflop raiser on an ace-high flop? There's a very good chance that you're behind here. The straight pot odds are nowhere near good enough. As for implied odds, his stack is not big enough and he won't lose it all often enough. You'll go broke calling in spots like this.

  • Ssull33Ssull33 Posts: 25Subscriber
  • SimonRudin Posts: 23Subscriber
    No way you should fold. You have plenty of equity to flat vs. a typical leadout range. Many times he will just c/f turn to you. If you pick up good turn cards like a diamond you can shove if he bets on the smaller side (half pot and less).
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