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Bet turn for value or check turn for future value

Slingtown Posts: 42Subscriber
edited April 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$2/5 NL ($500 Cap)

Hero ($1150)
Villain ($1500) Pretty LAG. Has been somewhat fit or fold post flop against me but gambles his draws and likes to call some streets. I've beat him in a few pots this session and he has worked his stack up after rebuying. Seems to be a bit more station with a wide range of draws/non-nut hands post flop.
2 other villains ($300-$400) UTG just sat down but seems like a young recreational looking to have some fun on a Friday night. HJ is a pretty bad player and is a little call happy preflop when he can get to flops and stacks off pretty light postflop and has rebought twice for minimum.

Preflop : UTG Straddes $10. HJ Calls, Villain Calls on button. I'm in BB with AJss and raise to $60. Folds to button who calls.
I feel I'm ahead of villains calling range. I'm confident I'm ahead of buttons overlimp calling range and he has folded post when he completely misses and I can take down the pot a good amount preflop

Flop ($140): 236 rainbow. I lead out for $95. Button calls.
Like cbetting here and ranging villain lots of A4,A5, overpairs, combo draws, 6x hands and sometimes some overs. I am planning on barralling a decent amount on the turn with a K, Q

Turn ($330) : Turn Jh (still rainbow). What line do we like best?
I'm a little unsure here. Villains range pretty wide with straight draws, pairs and straight draws, 77-1010 type hands prolly not as so much 1010, 99. 6x and 6x combos. Bet for value and how much? If I'm betting and he raises what's the plan? Check and get river value and hope he puts me on missed overs.



  • Tyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    Bet/fold for $190. Like you said, he can have some pairs that are now still second pair to the board, second pair, pair + gutshot hands. He'll likely give us a second street with all of those, even against the overcard. Checking and betting the river just lets another overcard run out a lot of the time. If the river is an 8 or higher I'm betting really little, like $225 or so, to get a third street from A6 and 77-99.

    If he raises we have to dump it; he can't have any draws stronger than gutters, so it's hard for him to get too cute with us.
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