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Observation about hand in Episode 3

KarimBaruque Posts: 1Member
edited November -1 in Crush Live Poker podcast
It is very possible that this has already been brought up since much smarter people listen to this show and its an old episode (just subscribed), but I though I noticed a mistake in the analysis of the flopped straight by Bart vs tight older guys flop raise.

Flop 5x 8d 9d where Bart had 6x7d and 3bet an older man. The turn was the Ad

in Bart's analysis of the hand he points out the downside of letting him check behind into a flush (I agree that we should rarely if ever expect him to have a flush in this spot). Although I have some strong yet controversial opinions on how to optimally play the turn, I would simply like to point out that it isn't possible for him to draw to a better flush unless you think he is capable of raise calling an over pair. Whether he has a set or two pair, clearly he can never have an 8 or 9 high flush draw as those cards are on the board, at best he can have a 5 high flush draw in which case he is drawing to the worse hand (not counting paired boards which are easy folds).

Was this an oversight or did I misinterpret Bart having the 7d? and if so, does this help "tilt" the decision towards checking?
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