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Gutter wrap and weak flush draw

RyaninDC Posts: 31Member
Still struggling with these types of hands and not sure how much I should be putting in when my FDs along with gutter wraps are trash.

1) How's pre OOP closing the action?
2) Lead on this flop?
3) As played...

1350 effective 2/2 PLO

Hero in BB with 7c6d5d3c. Qd exposed preflop by the dealer.
UTG straddles, MP bumps it to 15, CO/HJ/BT/Hero calls, Straddle makes it 92, MP flats, CO/HJ/BT fold, hero calls.

UTG is a player who I haven't seen in a long time, and it is my first time playing PLO with him, but I believe he has played semi-regularly before at another casino. Decent hand reader in NLHE, has some gamble and station in him. He's played pretty tight to this point, but has clearly taken stabs at pots with non-pot sized bets in larger pots.

MP is unknown who showed up in a huge pot that he 3bet/got it AI pre with 7652ds for 500ish earlier. Splashing around a fair bit.

Hero has been playing pretty tight, especially relative to the rest of the table. Only shown down pretty huge hands, but one was a pair+gutter wrap draw that I led/stacked, so they have seen me put in money without stone nuts.

Flop (320ish): Kd8c4d

Hero checks, UTG bets 140, MP raises to 325, hero....


  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    Gross spot, I would fold. You have a ton of equity vs any non-flush draw hand, but given that two players have both shown interest (albeit weak interest) in the pot it's very possible that at least one of them has a higher flush draw. Not sure how much fold equity you have with a jam given villain descriptions.
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited May 2014
    What Don said, but also... the preflop action was:

    UTG straddles, MP bumps it to 15, CO/HJ/BT/Hero calls, Straddle makes it 92, MP flats, CO/HJ/BT fold, hero calls.

    Boards that hit your hand are unlikely to hit the 3-better's range (so no value, unless he's a monkey), and you're calling a 3-bet OOP with a low rundown with a gap: 7 6 5 3. I don't hate the play, and I'd probably do it too.

    But I think you're also not giving up much by folding preflop here, especially given that you're OOP, so your hand is hard to play anything but face up, and when you do hit either flush, you can easily be over-flushed.
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