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Article 124: Make environment welcoming for recreational players

RyaninDC Posts: 31Member
edited May 2014 in Crush Live Poker Articles
First of all, I think the article makes a really good point, one that becomes more important the more money is at play. I recently encountered two spots in the same session that I wasn't sure how to handle, and that frankly are not uncommon. I would love thoughts from folks.

The first was a turn PLO situation where recreational player bet nearly 2x pot on the turn shoving all his chips in (clearly with a straight). Dealer had announced the correct bet amount, and I put on the correct amount for a simple call with my 20 out draw, but the dealer did not clean up the situation before putting out the river card. Recreational player assumed I called his "AI turn bet" and turned his hand over. Not that it mattered, since I knew what his hand was anyway, but I did hit the river and was now faced with an awkward situation. Am I the guy who shoves all in with the nuts after truly seeing his hand? And if I do, how does that change the table environment.

The second is another fairly common situation that I try very hard to avoid, or outright decline. The "do you want to check it down" question from the clear mark at the table. It should be easy to be consistent and say "I never do that" but given who is asking me, I occasionally will relent and say yes to keep the table environment more friendly with a particular player who is exactly the type of person this article refers to.


  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    Ryan - in both cases - I think "it depends"
    If you're a "pro" that regularly frequents the casino - and everybody knows you as a reg... then I think you should be more inclined to give bad players some leeway.
    In the first case - I would have asked the dealer "what's the bet?" "how much do I need to call?" or "can he go all in here?" Since the player assumed you were reraising to put him all in - then you should have put all your chips in before the river card.
    On the "do you want to check it down?"... again depends on the player. Sometimes I say "I'm sorry, I gotta bet/protect my hand. it's a monster" or something like "I was going to bet $XX on the flop/turn, if you call that then I'll check it down." Or if it's a passive guy who would fold if I bet because I dominate his hand, I might say "sure." But it's very player & hand dependent (prevents you from bluffing).
    Ultimately, it depends on your table image and how your game's running. If there are tons of folks waiting to play - you don't have to be so accommodating to short stacks. But if it's a whale spewing and having fun... it never hurts to give the fish a small edge - one time - but go back to your game.
  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    This is why casinos should have and use All-IN placqs.

    Yeah I will give someone who I believe is new to the game a break if he obviously doesn't know whats going on.
  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    And for the love of god don't berate their strategy if they suck out on you.

    Yes it sucks you lost a huge pot, re-buy and win the chips back.

    I was playing in Tunica one time, and I had just sat into a 2-5 game and felted a guy by misplaying a hand badly. The guy stood up and berated me, told me exactly how I played wrong step by step. It had been a long day, so I got a couple of racks, told him I was just looking for a friendly ganme and I was sorry for ruining his game and took the chips off the table and left.

    The other reason not to berate the fish is, it hurts you're game personally. How can you possibly play optimally when you are providing strategy lessons to lessor players.

    Guys who do the brating I want to play against all day, they might well be screamming I'm on tilt, I'm on tilt come and get me, and my perfect game...
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