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1/3 QQ vs. maniac

tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
edited June 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/3 200 max- Just moved to this table about 20 min. ago. took down a few pots showing the goods so image is good. Table's semi-loose/passive. I cover villian.

Villian is a maniac - plays ATC. seen him call multiple streets w/ weak pairs, but understands what hands beat what....but that seems to be the minimum. busted multiple hundo buy-ins before building stack up. sitting to my immediate left. starting stack 200 ish. on to the hand:

pick up QdQs. UTG reg. makes it 11. fold, fold, loose passive villian 1 calls, I flat. ( In hindsight I think this is a 3!, but I didnt want to blow UTG off of his range, and I felt confident in my post-flop play ). V2( villian in question ) calls. Everyone else folds.

Flop- 246hh ( 45ish in pot )
UTG checks, V1 checks, I lead for 25. V2 calls, everyone else folds. were HU.

Turn- 5. no backdoor draws. I lead for 40. He calls.

River- 8h. I curse inside my head and check.

he snap pushes a stack in leaving about 35 behind.....
My first instinct was to snap-call, but any 7, 3 weird 2 pair or flush beats me. should this have been a b/f? I know he's crazy but I just dont see anyone ever calling 2 streets w/ just 2 overs...what should I have done differently?

All comments/criticisms are welcome


  • danial12 Posts: 46Member
    I think this is a pretty easy c/f. A lot of hands he calls with preflop make a straight or two pair. Not to mention how loose passive players like to chase flush draws. I dont think this is even worth a b/f. 67, 78, 56, 45 all beat you and thats areasonable flop calling range.
  • DrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    I actually like flatting pre if it entices a loose idiot to come in.

    What we he do if we check the flop? Seems like we could c/r this board and get him to put a lot of money in early with a lot of one pair hands.
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