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a hand from paris

floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
edited June 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Aviation club, paris, 2/4 NL, no cap

(feel free to bypass the aviation club stuff -- but it's funny -- and go straight to the actual hand below)

I never got stuck in a session so fast – had to pay a 100 euro membership fee before i even got to a table. Ridiculous, but, you know, it’s the aviation club. and I’m like, here. so I, like, paid it.

Get this – the membership lasts through December 31. So with my membership, I get about 6 months of play. ‘you pay jan. 1, you play one year,’ the guy told me. I asked what happens if you buy your membership on December 30. Answer: ‘you play one day.’ No shit.

Room is nice, just down the street from the arc de triomphe. Does feel clubby. Good service. Upstairs room had window opened to a balcony overlooking the boutique-lined and leafy champs-elysees. Quite a change from the ambience of my normal room, which sits across from a dive bar and massage parlor and is defined mainly by the smell of grease from the kitchen and lady gaga, sheryl crow or miley cyrus playing too loud. there is a declared dress code of no t-shirts or sneakers, so i actually dressed semi-nice with a button-down shirt (tucked in!) but the code was largely ignored and unenforced -- i saw lots of t-shirts.

they had a refreshments table set up. so i thought, 'wow, nice.' then they told me it was just for the 135 euro tournament going on (one-fifth what i was buying in to the cash game for lol)

aviation club rake: high. 20 euro/hour. Was told there was no cap, but I now realize I never confirmed this with the floor. But standard buy-in was 4-500. And the min was just 100, so there were a fair number of very short stacks. I bought in for 6. I covered all but one player.

My game was good. Was 2/4, but frequently straddled to 8. And the chip denominations pumped up the action: only 2/10/100 used. There are no 5 euro chips allowed in play. So there were never raises to 15. And raises to 30 were far more common than they are when red chips are used. A raise to 30 was more likely than a raise to 20. And raises to 30 or more almost always resulted in 4+way pots.

The hand

set up: My image was that of ignorant American and pretty tight. Basically neutral as far as winning and losing. I’m on a re-load, but that was a while ago, and I had chipped back up some.
Villain 1: old guy who had been calling every time he was 3-bet pre. Losing.
Villain 2: the one player I’d say was decent at the table, but also running well. He’s about 30. A little call-happy pre, though, especially in position. About half an hour earlier, I raised from CO to 30 with 6h4h. 4 callers, including villain 2 in SB. flop came 8T8 rainbow, with one heart. He bet out 50. This seemed weak, like a ten, 79 or J9. I called, planning to rep trips on turn with blanks. Turn is offsuit deuce. He bets 125. I make it 340. He ponders and folds, and somebody asks whether I had the 8. ‘forgot already.’

effective stacks were 900. villain 1 has about 400. Villain 2 has 2000 or so.

Villain 1 opens to 20. I make it 50 with A K in MP. Button calls. Villain 2 calls in SB. Villain 1 calls.

Flop(200): K 5 T
Villain 2 bets 50. Villain 1 folds. I make it 130. Button folds. Villain 2 pretty quickly makes it 310.



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