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Strategy help for a 2/5 $100 max bet game

JustinEnger Posts: 4Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hello everyone,

I am a new subscriber and I live in CO. Here our casinos have a max $100 bet. I am very familar with the bet fold concept, but I find it extremely difficult with 2nd nut type hands when the raise is generally 1/5 pot or less. I am curious as to what type of hands I should eliminate from my preflop range as they are simply not profitable due to the structure. Any other pointers in this type of structure to help my win rate are appreciated. I have a young look and since I raise frequently most players give me no respect (meaning I get called down light). This makes me think I need to eliminate all bluffs from my range other than C-bets and double barrels as the most I can raise is $100. Let me know what you think.



  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    What are the typical stack sizes in this game?
  • JustinEnger Posts: 4Member
    Stack sizes will vary, but the majority of the table generally buys in for 100 bbs. Another variable is that it is a 10 handed table.
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    So, you can raise to max. 100$ both preflop and on all postflop streets, no matter what the potsize. Is that correct?

    This means it is pretty similar to regular NLH preflop and mostly on the flop, but becomes a bit similar to Limit Holdem or Spread Limit Holdem on later streets. Consequently, implied odds types of hands become less valuable, so you should be more hesitant to play small pocket pairs, suited connectors and suited aces. Basically all drawing hands loose value, because it becomes much more difficult to extract value when you do hit.

    Conversely, hands that can make strong top pair or two pair go up in value. So, you should look to play more of these types of hands.

    Also note that your villains make even more of a mistake when they play drawing hands. Plus, it is infinitely more difficult to bluff at later streets. All in all, vou can and have to valuebet them relentlessly, even more so than normally, but bluff even less.

    Other than that, the game should remain pretty much the same as no max NLH.
  • BarryHope Posts: 18Member
    Anyone limping with small pairs or suited connectors, or worse, limping with off-suit connectors or one or two gap suited connectors is making a serious error--consider Bart's 15-25-35 rule. Their calling of 3-bets with such hands is even more egregious. My goal would be to value bet Top Pair, Overpairs and better hands with the intention of getting them "all-in" as soon as possible.

    Something for all to consider is this: should these "clueless" limpers be punished pre-flop or allowed to "hang themselves with their own rope?"
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