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£1/£2 - Top pair facing river donk

Bukowski Posts: 8Member
edited June 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

The game is £1/£2 with an optional £5 straddle that has been used fairly regularly, but not on this hand. Most stacks are relatively deep.

V1 £700+ - Is an Asian gentleman (mid 30ish), he has been rather loose, calling most peoples raises, and lmping quite a lot. The only history I have with him was when he called my £15 raise PF, another gentleman called, and he raised my £25 flop bet to £200 on K 9 x, I folded.

V2- £400-£500 -

Me- 21, I have been engaging in conversation with the players to my left and right, but had not really gotten involved in too much, I am quite new to the table at this point. He cant view me as wild, but I don't think he can say I am tight either.

PF - Folds to me I make it £8 with AJ I think I am in the HJ

They call from the blinds

£24 Flop: 4 6 3 It checks to me and I bet £15, both players call

£69 Turn : J I bet £35, V1 calls V2 folds

£139 River: 9 V1 thinks for a long time, its hard for me to put an exact time frame on it, but Id say a good one to two minutes, looks at me a few times, slowly counts out a bet with his £5 chips, even though he had plenty £25s, and bets £121

On the river it feels like he is very polarized to a flush or nothing, I would think he would raise his non flush nutted hands on the turn, though it is hard to think of a range of hands that he floats twice and then bluffs river with, other than perhaps 6x hands, 45-35 that he just doesn't know what to do with on the river so he elects to bet.


  • Tyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    I'm dumping this; who spends forever figuring out if they want to donk bet bluff the river? What's he doing, turning 88 or A6 into a bluff? That's just too deep for someone that is playing badly pre-flop.
  • Bukowski Posts: 8Member
    Thank you for the reply Tyrith.

    What is your calling range on the river? are you folding everything that isn't a flush?

  • Tyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    Yeah, I think so. If he slow-played a set, it's with the intention of letting safe cards come in before putting serious money in the pot. Well, that's definitely not a safe river card. He is super polarized to a busted OESD or a flush, and I'm not giving a passive, loose player credit for making a bombs away bluff until I have some actual evidence he's capable of doing so.
  • Bukowski Posts: 8Member
    Thanks - I called here, but in a vacuum you are probably right.
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