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How to plan for hand

jackmiller Posts: 15Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
My biggest leak is paying off way to often with second best hand. I get in tuff spots that I don't want to make big folds. Probably the number one reason is that it happens when I'm stuck, frustrated or just my mental/emotional game is not optimal. I have had discussion with some pro's and they have told me that I obviously need to keep improving mental game but that I have plan for hand it's easier to fold. I don't fully understand the concept only vaguely. If anyone has advice on topic I would appreciate feedback.


  • Philly Dave Posts: 114Subscriber
    I think you might get better feedback if you post a specific hand example where you think you didn't have a plan.

    But in general planning for a hand involves considering villain tendencies, stack sizes likely flops for my hand. So a simple example would be a villain who will always stack off with TPTK and also cbets almost 100% of flops. And we have 88. Our plan preflop might be simply to set mine and get it in when we hit and the board hits villains likely range and fold when we miss and multiple overcards that hit villains range come. We might plan to try and take the pot when no over cards or 1 over card that is likely to have missed villain comes.

    We should be thinking roughly preflop about our plan for getting all the money in if we hit our set. Obv the number of opponents, the exact flop etc. are all going to influence our actual action but we can have an idea that we are going to try and build pot early to set up shoves OTT for example.

    So I have decided preflop that I am primarily set mining but if I think I have the best hand OTF I'm going to bet when checked to and raise when villain cbets.

    So now when a flop comes that smacks villains range hard I already have a plan not to put money in the pot. In order to put money in the pot I now have to change that plan... this is a very different frame of mind than "OMG I missed the flop and he bet... he's prolly' FOS I'm gonna call".

    With big pairs and short to medium stacks we can be thinking preflop about how we are going to get the money in if no overcards come. Are stacks such that we can get it in on some flops? Will I likely be building a pot OTF to set up a turn shove? Am I out of position and will I need to consider check raising?

    We are not mapping out every scenario but preparing in a general way for the likely scenarios before they happen.

    Again this is general stuff I would suggest posting some specific hand examples.
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Yes, go ahead and post some examples. It is way easier to get reasonable advice this way.
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    I made some rambling comments in this thread that might be applicable here:

    The cornerstones of your plans should be your read on where the players at your table make the biggest mistakes. Once you have figured that out, you can start tailoring your lines to their weaknesses. This is obviously a very complicated problem but those are the very broad strokes. Ed Miller's book 'Playing the Player' is quite good and goes into more details.
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