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6 months stats and goals

workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
I've been playing 3/5 NLH 500 cap for the last year or so after making the conversion from limit holdem. I've been tracking my stats since Jan 2014 and right now, after 472 hours, I'm up 12.5K which is 26.5/hr winrate (btw, using a phone app like poker history plus is much, much easier than doing it all on paper and pencil or via excel). Nothing stellar but I'm still working on fixing some leaks in my game like decreasing my hero calls and working on maximizing by value hands a bit more. My goal is to maintain or improve my results thus far for the next 6 months and look into quitting my $20/hr job and do poker full time. Poker is really all I think about when I'm working and it's what I love to do when I'm off work. In fact, the last "vacation" i took for 2.5 weeks I spent 70 hours of it playing poker and made 5.5K which is a couple months of standard work pay. I don't have anyone depending on me for income other than myself so I think I'm in an ideal spot to do it. Plus, the casino i'm at is large enough and has enough reg games that I'm not worried about the action dying out or anything as there is typically 3 tables and weeknights and 6+ games of 3/5 on weekends.

I'm working on my bankroll right now. Currently, I have 10K cash for living expenses and another 15k cash for poker plus 30K in investments (401K, ira, etc). If I can get up to 25K in poker funds by 2015 I feel I would be very comfortable to play poker and use that as income. I also feel that playing consistently would help my own game to grow and improve as I would be able to put in around 40 hours/week as opposed to the 20ish hrs/week that I do now. Also, I hate having to play after work as I'm more tired and not at my best or can't play for long because my game really suffers when I get tired.

So, that's where I'm at and where I'd like to be. We'll see how it goes. So far, July is off to a good start at 3K profit after 65hrs play.


  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 789Subscriber
    Good luck! You got a plan for health insurance if you quit your job?

  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Dont get sick? Seriously thats a good question and one I need to think about. Im just had a physical and am told im healthy.
  • BradleyT Posts: 621SubscriberProfessional
    As a 40 y/o male without insurance I was able to get some Obamacare Silver off the marketplace for $300/month from Anthem BlueCross/Blue Shield. I think the super cheap stuff was available for $115/month but that had $5000 deductables.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    workinghard said:
    Dont get sick? Seriously thats a good question and one I need to think about. Im just had a physical and am told im healthy.
    lol.. really? there are so many things that can go wrong.. you get in a car accident, You get heart disease, cancer, you get sick on vacation.. all of these can bankrupt you more quickly then losing with a full house..

    I just dont get it.. when you dont buy insurance then the rest of us have to pay alot more to pay when you have to go to the hospital. YOU need to consider insurance just like a necessity for a car, food , housing..

    I get so aggravated when I hear this.. You are NOT a pro if you cannot afford health insurance .. if you dont want to pay for this, then get a PT job that has HI and then play poker on the side.

    by 1Bugsy
  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 789Subscriber
    BradleyT said:
    As a 40 y/o male without insurance I was able to get some Obamacare Silver off the marketplace for $300/month from Anthem BlueCross/Blue Shield. I think the super cheap stuff was available for $115/month but that had $5000 deductables.
    And the super cheap plan with the 5k deductible may be all workinghard needs. Just something to avoid going broke if something big happens - and it doesn't even have to be that big for the bills to add up.

    And have a good liquid living expense bankroll too say at least 6-8 months worth totally separate from the poker roll.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    I dont buy the argument that you should have insurance at all costs. Post obamacare true catastrophic plans are illegal unless you are grandfathered in. The problem is that most likely your only options are plans with a high deductible, high copay and and high out of pocket caps. If you do the math on those plans if you really have a bad 100k+ expense you are going to eat 25k or more. If its a multi year problem you will almost certainly go bankrupt.

    With most market plans you will be paying 3k+ a year for only insuring moderate problems but leaving yourself likely bankrupt if anything really bad hits. If you had a lot more assets to protect then this insurance would be a no brainer as you would have higher asset/share of risk. But with limited assets it is not insane to consider taking the risk and ditching insurance. Its really just a financial/risk decision - it is not a heath risk decision since you will get healthcare even when you run out of money - you just will end up bankrupt.

    Other factors - are there low cost clinics where you live? If your only choice on a medium problem is the hospital then you need insurance, but where there are cheaper choices they really offer really good rates to the uninsured. I am grandfathered in to an HSA true cat plan and the clinics have saved me a lot of money.

    See if there is an HSA option in your area. If that exists then you can at least keep your HSA contributions and while it will not be a financial break even in early years, if you stay healthy you can build up a nice savings in the HSA.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    I'd thought I write up an update from my last post about a month ago on this thread. Today I passed the 20k profit mark with 600 hours of cash play. Almost 18K was from 3/5 holdem and the rest from some dabbling in omaha 15/30 hi/low and 2/2 PLO. Here are some quick stats of my year thus far in a month-to-month progression:

    (month/ Profit/hours played/ profit per hour

    January -1,039/ 26 hrs/ -39.67 (not a great start)
    February 2,405/ 148.82/ 16.
    March -836/ 57.6/14.51
    April 254/ 38.53/6.59
    May 4,487/ 74.02/60.62
    June 6,385/ 106.62/59.89
    July 2,645/ 94.52/24.81
    August 5,831/ 43.1 /135.29 (with more hours to come)

    overall: 20,132/ 602.87/ 32.90

    A couple of trends:
    I'm moving in the right direction. I'm not sure why my first few months were pretty much break even, though I really didn't play many hours in Jan, March, or April. I might have been making too many big calls or not trying barreling enough in good spots which is something I've been working on.

    Fridays are by far the most profitable day with 12.1K in profits or 130 hours for $92/hr. The next best is Saturday for $21/hour with 3.5K over 158hrs. I really want to bring up the numbers of those other days to a more respectable level but it really highlights the improtance of playing on good days of the week.

    My continuing goals are to maintain my levels of the last couple months. I would like to see my hourly for days other than Friday increase to somewhere around $25/hour. By Jan 1st, I want to have put in 1000 hours and to see and feel a steady progression in my game. In the mean time, I'll keep watching and listening to the training material to think about various ideas to try, keep posting hand histories here and there, and keep working it.
  • jurrrr Posts: 3Member
    GL I'm rooting for ya.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    Congrats man.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    so today I reached an exciting "milestone." For the first time ever, by a long shot, I managed to win $10,000 in a single month. With 74 hours of play in 3/5, some luck, and lots of hard work, I feel very happy with this accomplishment. I'm currently just under $25k in profit for the year with a win rate of $37.20/hr. Thanks Bart/ CLP for helping to make this happen and here's looking forward to many more $10k months to come!
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    ok so now you should be able to afford health insurance.. lol.. no excuses now my man!

  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Well I still have a job but yeah, I hear you.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    you could be running a bit above EV so try to keep a level head and just play solid. Resist playing more laggy because that will exaggerate your negative variance alot..

    keep notes and keep looking at spots to continue to improve.. and keep riding the wave..

  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Definitely Wendy. I'm under no delusion that my results are not above EV. But, the results are certainly better than they would have been without the videos, podcasts, forums, etc.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    of course.. just stay the course my man... i had a 10k upswing starting with the wsop and continued thru july.. aug as you are aware has not been as good.. but I keep looking at my results and analyzing where I could have played better etc..

    terrorize muckleshoot jeff.. :wink:

  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 789Subscriber
    nice work workinghard - keep up the hard work!
  • BigLarry Posts: 86Subscriber
    Good job man! Whats your home casino? I apologize if you already stated it but I missed it.

  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    edited September 2014
    Finished up a full week of poker today where I logged 35 hours during September thus far and made $6338. Not a bad run though it's pretty tiring trying to do that many hours while also working FT. Some swings but only one loosing session of $220 and one session where I was up $400 then busted and had to rebuy and profited 1K in large part thanks to a fellow who was having a tough day and giving away his chips to the first bettor. Otherwise, it was pretty straightforward stuff. One mistake I'm working on is when I sense weakness and want to buy the pot from a bettor, I need to attack it a bit more aggressively. I've been doing 3x raises but that isn't enough. Eg, pot is $120 and someone bets $50 into it. I find my self sometimes raising to $150 but really, if I want to take it down, I need to raise to closer to $250-$300. Otherwise, I risk having to make a hand to win and who wants to rely on that?

    Otherwise, things are going well. i'm not sure I'll be able to keep up that pace but I try for 20+hrs/week. For those who care, my 2014 $/hour is $42.98 over 691 hours.

  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    So Sept is wrapped up and it's time to add an update of how things are progressing.

    Sept started off hot with a $1500 score on Labor day. Pretty sweet to spend a day with family eating BBQ and hanging out then head straight to the casino and racked up some money. After that, things mellowed out to a more reasonable earn rate. I also hit a couple "high hand" bonuses for an extra $450 for the month. The last weekend of Sept, my casino was hosing a large 4-day tournament. My plan was to just play in the Sunday main even as it had by far the best structure and had money added. I was just going to play a lot of cash games the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately thought, I managed to get sick Thursday and wound up skipping the tournament and played just a little cash games which was probably a mistake as it's hard to play my best when I'm constantly worrying about needing to blow my nose. So, here my my Sept stats:

    Played 99.72hrs (all 3/5NL), earned $9333, for a win rate of $89/hr for the month. This brings my 2014 total to $33,647 over 755.7hrs for a rate of $43/hr.

    For Oct, I want to start setting up specific goals for myself to work on meeting. My thought for now is to have one monthly goal that I can work on a regular basis (daily, hourly, each hand, etc) and another goal that just needs to be accomplished by the end of the month. These goals can be goals to be worked on at the table or away from the table or some combo of both. this may all change next month but for now, here it is:

    Goal 1: Always know the size of the pot when it's my action, rounded to the nearest $5 or $10. Too many times I'm betting too small into pots that could manage a larger bet size. this is certainly a skill I can work on when not in the hand but I defiantly want to slow down my action until I know how big the pot is.

    Goal 2: Read Zach Elwood's Verbal poker tells book. I've already started it and it does have a good flow so far and I'm sure as I read it I will become more aware of tells that others do and perhaps some of my own verbal tells as well.

    That's it for now! Thanks for reading.
  • LOLGIRAFFELOLGIRAFFE Posts: 108BloggerSubscriber
    Happy to hear a local progressing so much. Well done.
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