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CLP Video No.150: To Bet or Check for Max Value

BartBart Posts: 6,079AdministratorLeadPro
edited July 2014 in Crush Live Poker Videos
Bart goes over hands this week that cover when it is best to bet or check for maximum value. He makes the case that usually with your most nutty hands fastplaying is past but the times that you can get a little tricky is with medium strength holdings.




  • SimonRudin Posts: 23Subscriber
    The Ac10d hand seems like a good spot to c/r flop and attack the field bettor no?
  • BartBart Posts: 6,079AdministratorLeadPro
    I like to check raise field bettors on boards that aren't so connected. I'd like the most fold equity early on. Even though you may get some folds on 987cc your opponent is going to continue on a lot and I think you are in a guessing game. Id like 923r w A5 much better.

  • DFN Posts: 86Subscriber
    what's your view on jackholes folding out of turn? like the last hand where the guy just open mucks with 3 players left to act behind him. it's that kind of shit that makes me want to punch people in the face. i know in tournaments around here (East Coast) you can get a warning/penalty for these actions...what's up with the cash games, no one seems to care out West when people do this?

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