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Play a Session with JeJo (Session review)

JeJoJeJo Posts: 56Member
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

I want you to play a session with me! :)
I dont know if someone has already done something like this here but I think it might be a good way to improve our game. I was making notes during two hours of my session on every hand or table dynamic I thought was interesting. I want to share them with you and I would be glad to hear some feedback and ideas from you. I've only let most hands out where I saw a free flop from the blinds and which were just checked/folded.

Blinds: 2/2, buy in 100 to 500

First a few words about the lineup:
to my right are two of the best players of the casino who are laggy professionals from online background and who play usually higher stakes holdem/omaha. I consider them having better postflop abilities then me and I normally would look for a place at a new table but I have position on them and the rest of the table are passive regs and three big fish, so I decide to stay.

Main protagonists:

Seat 1: JeJo

Seat 2: passive Reg fish

Seat 3: Aggressive Yugoslawian Rec (50/12, mostly 100bb)

Seat 4: passive Reg fish

Seat 5: Passive Turkish Rec (40/5, full stacked)

Seat 6: Aggressive Tunesian Rec (50/15, full stacked, high bluffing frequencies, huge ego, we play a lot together)

Seat 7: Pro 1 (20/10 today, full-stacked)

Seat 8: Pro 2 (25/20, full-stacked)

Seat 9: passive Reg fish

Here comes already my first question: would you always advise me to look for a new table or would you also stay at this table given my position? While playing I was thinking that I would have left if I sat in Seat 4 or 5, that means OOP to all the deep and good players.

Log Start: 5.40 pm, casino has opened for 1,5 hours as well as the table
Log End: 7.40 pm
Hands played: 62
My VPIP/PFR: 16/8

Dynamic so far: I didnt play a lot of hands and was more into my tablet (waiting for the table to ripe and working on my game at the CLP forums :D )

Tunesian raises 8, tight-passive Seat 9 calls, I make it 40 with 97s from the BU to take the dead money right now. I played fairly tight so far and his sizing is indicative of a weak holding since he normally raises strong hands at least 6 or 7 BBs. Besides I dont mind taking a flop with those players.

I overlimp QTs in the HJ, S5 from SB raises 12 all call and I overcall with the given odds and the deepness of all protagonists. I basically call to hit my hand and would proceed with top pair very carefully. We see it 8-ways on 626r, I fold to a bet.

Pro2 raises UTG to 8 and I call in MP1 with 33. I think he opens relatively wide from UTG: 22+, KJs+, KQo+ and some SCs with a certain frequency. However, I decide to flat because I expect at least 2 or 3 players behind me to call given the table dynamic and I will certainly extract 100 bucks often enough postflop if I hit my set to make my call profitable. Surprisingly only Turk calls in the BU and I fold to a 16 CB on T42.

I overlimp A4s in the CO after 4 limps and SB raises 24 with 120 left in his stack, everyone folds and I'm done with the hand

I get to see the flop 5way with J 2 on Q J 6
I will bet this flop with a high frequency with Q2 because there are many draws out but I didn't see a value bet with J2 there as I get too much calls from better Qx and Jx when we are 5 ways. Everyone checks, the turn is an A and I c/f.

I find KJo in the SB. Pro 2 isoraises to 12 over two limpers, BU calls and I decide to fold. The raiser could isoraise somewhat wider and BU was fairly tight, so I thought about squeezing here but finally didnt want to come in a difficult spot against the Pro OOP. I didnt think that KJo would perform good enough for a call either.

What do you think about calling here if we had AJo or 3betting it against a wider isoraising range for value?

I isoraise 14 with ATs from the CO over Tunis' openlimp and one overlimp. Only Tunis calls.
Flop(34): Q 7 9
V checks, I check behind. I dont see this board as ideal for a CB as V wont get off any pair, draw or gutshot. Besides, he certainly has a small checkraise frequency as a bluff and I have also the best hand here a fair amount of the time.
Turn(34): 7
checks again, I bet for value 20, he folds.

Do you bet more here to get more value from higher clubs or do you bet less to get value maybe from gutshots and also from smaller clubs?

The next 20 hands we played SH without the pros. To my left now were 3 young swedish/beer drinking guys with stacks between 75bb and 100bb and who played rather a passive fishy style.

I open J9s to 12 from HJ. Swedish guys to my left were talking, one had his hand ready to fold and I intended to play in position vs Turk and Tunis who were now in the blinds. Everyone folds and I take down the blinds.

I flat with 6 5 in the BU the Tunis' HJ 14€ raise. His raise size is indicative of a better holding and we are definitely deep enough with 500 to make this call.

A guy (250 stack) who plays 30/0 and who is one of the nittiest guys postflop in the poker history openlimps in MP2 and I isoraise him with KTo to 10, one Swede calls and Nit calls.

Flop(32): Q Q 9
The Swede thought about it with a concerned face and checked it after a little while. Nit checks. I thought that the Swede just wanted everyone to check with a small pocket or a gutshot, so I decided to size it rather large with 26. Swede folds, Nit calls (fuck! :D ).

Turn(84): J
he checks. Nice hit for me, now I even have some showdown value ;) I bet 46 and he folds. I see now how I kind of failed not making it 66 and sizing it up for a river shove against his Qx and also to get way more value from his SDs and FDs...

Swede openminraises from MP2, I call with JTo in the BB and we see the flop 5way.

Flop(30): A Q 4
SB checks, I check, Swede CBs 6, his friend calls and Tunisian calls on the BU and I call as well just to hit my hand. I need to win 10x of the bet to make my call profitable with the gutshot and there are already 42 dead money in the pot. Kh could be live a lot of the times as the field callers will call with a lot of junkier hands than a flushdraw given the little CB.

Turn(54): 4
I check, Swede 2nd barrels 26, gets 2 calls and I fold now.

the hardcore Nit posts 2 in the CO after he changed his seat being so unlucky. Everyone folds he checks and I make it 14 on the BU with 45o to take down the dead money. Everyone folds.

End of shothanded

And I just muck the next thirteen hands until I'm hungry and tired taking notes in hand 62 :cool:

You may see that it was a pretty chilled session without big hands and tough spot. Nevertheless I hope this session will generate some discussions about preflop play and some standard CB situations.
by 1LVH


  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    i think you showed a lot of discipline in this session. nice job.... good fold with the Axsuited.... sizing with KT not really so bad -- you don't want to bet pot so that the only hand you get called by is QQ.... calling to hit the gutshot with JT is fine.... on Q79cc flop, i'm usually betting heads up. mainly for double barrel equity. a 7 or 9 or 88 likely to call one street but probably not two. but it's not bad, you played it as a delayed c-bet, got your information, then took down the pot.

    this is an interesting concept, but i think the post is probably too long for most to wade through all the way. you might be better off posting individual hands, even if you want to post multiple ones from the same session. you're bound to get a better response.

    maybe your brain functions differently than mine, but i tend to think that reading CLP strategy stuff (or any strategy stuff) at the table is counterproductive, taking attention away from the game and possibly causing you to dwell on a specific concept in the forums that you might misapply in the game. poker's not easy. you have a strategy session in front of you already -- and there's money involved -- so focus on that.
    by 2DFN JeJo
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    What happened in hand 43?
  • LVH Posts: 171Member
    Depends on your player pool, but in Vegas if I think there's two guys at the table playing for a living, I am going to generally lean towards going elsewhere. Obviously, many other variables to consider.

    Hand 4, I would call a lot. You often have the best hand. There are several good turn cards. You have position. This board is a whiff for many of the hands you gave him. But you can have plenty of Ts and some sets and some mid PPs. You should win with 33 type hands sometimes w/o making a set. Not constantly, just here and there. Decent spot for it.

    18... KJ and AJo are both raise or fold to me. It depends on what the raiser has been doing, and who he is raising. Has he regularly been targeting one or both of these players? I'd be more inclined to do it with AJ for obvious reasons. The call from the tight player might scare him too. Adds a little pressure. He doesn't want to go crazy on you and find out that guy flatted him with AK or QQ. But, if he folds, the tight player will usually follow suit. Not terribly worried about post flop, as the pro shouldn't be calling much, esp if he's an online guy.
    by 1JeJo
  • JeJoJeJo Posts: 56Member
    Hey, thx for the feedback. I see how it is not easy to go through the whole session but I was sure some eager students will take the time. So you had an insight in a players mind and I got some nice input. I may do it again, maybe a smaller fraction of a session, where I play against a maniac and where I might be more unsure about my preflop ranges.

    I fully agree with you about doing anything besides concentrating on the game is counterproductive. However, I personally have the problem when I play full-time that I don't find enough time between waking-up and playing to respond to forum discussions or so. That's why I sometimes take some time to do that at the table. I will try to solve this problem anyhow.

    Flop was A72r with 1 heart, we saw it 3way and I folded to a CB. I have good BD equity and Tunisian might bet a lot there and I might have called once on the flop there to see what he does on the turn.

    About the 33 hand: would you also do that with a high frequency with 1 or 2 players behind you?
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