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Poker In Singapore

Florida John Posts: 11Subscriber
edited July 2014 in Low Content Forum
So I find my self on an extended work assignment and will be in Singapore about 2 months. There a two new large mega casino resorts here and one of them does have a poker room.

The Resorts World Casino (not the one with the giant boat thing on top) has a decent size poker room with about 8 tables. the couple times I have been by (during the day on the weekend) there were 3 games going. All the games were 5/10 SGD no limit (thats about 4/8 USD). Here are some interesting things about the game.

To enter the casino local Singaporeans need to pay a 100 SGD entry fee per day. They can also pay a $2000 entry fee for the year. (from here on $ means SGD)
The buy in for the game is $300-$1500. Typical buy in when I played looked to be about 1000 or so.
The rake is 5% up to a maximum of $50.
There is no tipping that I saw. There is no one dollar chips available.
Small pots do not get raked (I think below $50 there is no rake).

I played for a few hours and noticed that even with the entry tax most of the players seemed to be regulars and likely local (at least in the game I played). All talk associated with the game was conducted in English but there was a fair amount of post hand discussion in Chinese. Most of the players seemed very proficient in English and would seamlessly switch back and forth. There was one long discussion on wether a bet was a raise or a call. It was all handled in English and the floor was not called. The dealer seemed to have the final say. No one asked for the floor so I do not know if this is typical.

One big issue I had was that the poker room was located inside the smoking section of the casino (the casino itself is about 1/2 non-smoking and about 1/2 smoking). There were usually 1-3 people smoking during play. Its really annoying but not much to do about it. I saw one table designated as non-smoking but no game was going on it.

I decided to sit and play for a few hours just to feel things out. I bought in short ($500) and booked a small profit but was really trying to check out the game and see if its worth playing in.

The quality of play seemed pretty typical of a game filled mostly with regulars. There was one very inexperienced player in the game. One younger aggressive player that may have been a pro. One really spewy calling station. A few straight forward players and a one wannabe young aggressive player. Of course everyone is Asian....

Its worth noting that Singapore is a very expensive place to live but a lot of people here have money and probably a good amount of disposable income. So potentially if some of those folks are playing for fun the games could be very good.

I thought the game I played in was probably profitable but I'm not sure how to account for the rake structure.

Not sure I will play regularly. Maybe once or twice more while I am here just to satisfy my poker craving. I was in a few interesting hands I may post later.


  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    extremely, extremely not profitable. saw 100 SGD/day and I was like "hm so that's equivalent to time raked games here if you put in a 6-7 hour session", then saw that they take rake too and lol'd
  • Florida John Posts: 11Subscriber
    Just to be clear its 100/day for the Singapore citizens. With a foreign passport it is free.
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