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1/2nl deep hand

AlanSwenson Posts: 3Member
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero is tight with winning image.
HJ is loose, call down monkey but hitting all his 4 outers and winning a lot.
Button is tight aggressive but a little on tilt.
Hero is UTG with $900 behind and opens $8 with 2 red TT.
Folds to HJ who calls and Button calls.
HJ has $700 and button has $125.
Flop comes T, J, 3.
Hero bets $15.
HJ calls quickly.
Button thinks for 10 seconds then bets $35.
I think for 20 seconds or so and bet $100. (i expect HJ to fold and button to push the rest in)
HJ calls quickly.
Button thinks for a while then folds.
Turn comes 7
I bet $100.
HJ thinks for 3 seconds and shoves.
I think for a long time and come to the conclusion that this player will play 89 like this all day.
I fold and he shows 8 9
I feel good about the fold but is there other streets where I misplayed?
I feel like he would have called $100 on a blank to see if he hits on the river.


  • Topset1610 Posts: 280Subscriber
    I think everything was well played. Your turn bet was a little small. Should have been around $150.
  • LVH Posts: 171Member
    You could bet more on the flop. Hands that like that flop really like it. $25 could be good.

    If you think the button might stick it in, you might want to leave yourself room to re-raise. He has $117 left, I think, on the flop. You bet $15, HJ calls, Button makes it $35, you make it $60, HJH calls, button makes it $117 you blast it. There are plenty of hands HJ will probably call for any amount after putting in that much action. Probably wouldn't have worked this time, with the button folding, but it's nice to leave yourself options after a shorter stack shoves.

    Nice fold. Very easy spot to talk yourself into a bad call.
  • AlanSwenson Posts: 3Member
    Leaving room for another re-raise makes tons of sense. I definitely missed that possibility when thinking through what to do on the flop. thanks.
    by 1LVH
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