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Limped Pot - Flopped nuts in BB - Things get weird quickly

Chochmonk Posts: 3Member
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

NL Hold'em (95+5) - Blinds 15/30

Hero has ~ 4k chips, 3k starting stack and it's like the 2nd level. 9 handed

Villain 1 in SB with t2795
Villain 2 is UTG +2 has been running like god with 12100 chips
Villain 3 in cutoff with t5145
Villain 4 is on the button with t2775

Hero in BB with [ 5 6 ]

They all limp in and I check the BB.

** Flop ** [ 4 3 2 ]
Villain 1 checks

Hero checks

Villain 2 bets 99

Villain 3 folds

Villain 4 raises to 288 on the button

Villain 1 folds

Hero raises to 640

Villain 2 calls 541

Villain 4 folds

** Turn ** [ T ]

Hero checks
Villain 2 bets 900

WTF now ???


  • Chochmonk Posts: 3Member

    Would really appreciate some feedback on this hand

    *I understand the turn could be B/F but that's not why I posted this*
  • Heisenberg512 Posts: 9Member
    My initial reaction was that his line looks a lot like a flush, however I actually don't think that with this action there are SHOULD be many flushes in his range. 53dd is the obvious one, although a rec player 'playing the rush' might be calling more draws in this spot with poor odds. There is always the chance that he lead out with a draw, then regretted it after getting repopped so makes the call due to frustration/not wanting to fold his big draw/not really knowing what else to do. I also think that line of thought is pretty consistent with A5 or a weird 2 pair as well, and because he's in position he can definitely be betting a wider range than just flushes when you check, with the intention of checking back the river. Rec players often make nonsensical bets with strange holdings because they don't know what else to do, and in my experience this frequency goes up in tournaments compared to cash games. On balance, as played I call here and re-evaluate river. If you call and he snap shoves a blank river I am letting this one go, however I expect him to go to showdown often, and if he bets some weird small amount then we can call and be shown some strange worse value hand a fair amount of the time. Calling now and folding river is more of a cash game play and sucks because of the damage to your stack, but I feel like it is the best vacuum play in this spot. People show up with too much random junk in live donkaments for me to make a hero fold here for just one bet.
  • fishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Wrong forum.
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