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2/4 - Two spots with AK

JeJoJeJo Posts: 56Member
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hand 1

Late night, I joined the 2/4 table for the last 2 hours of the night. I had a nice winning streak and I showed down once 34s where I won a big pot with two pair on the flop. In that hand an arabian guy in his mid forties donked out 30€ in a 82€ pot on a flop of 346ss, the PFR went all in with 180, one guy called and I made it 460. Arabian folded and caller folded, I won against some 6x.

This Arabian guy is the villain of the hand: he is the typical loose passive rec and we saw him donk/fold once. We played together only for half an hour and I didnt see much more from him besides limping, calling and folding.

Arabian(666€ stack) openraises to 18 from HJ, the all in guy(250€ left) from the other hand calls in the CO and I 3bet A K to 66. Both call. I wanted to call them with worse hands so I sized it a little bit smaller.

Do you size it larger to get heads up with someone and/or to generate more FE?

Flop (200): J 7 2
I didnt see the purpose in betting. I have the best hand a lot here and if someone is going to want to "protect" their pocket pairs or hitted pairs I can bring them in a tough spot with a CR and lots of equity behind.
So I check, Arabian makes it 68, HJ folds and I reraise to 230. He doesnt take too long to push his 600 stack in the middle and I call since I'm obviously committed given my hand.

What do you think about the CR instead of CBetting this flop?

Hand 2:
Its one of the last hands of the night before the casino closes.
Villain is a young dude in his late twenties. He seems to come from an online background but I would rather classify him as fishy as he raises too much, calls too much and I've seen him doing weird small bets as a bluff and once with a medium strength hand. I also took him to valuetown once with JTo where I bet twice multiway on a drawy J high board and he calls down. He was very surprised how I could bet there. Besides he saw me already bluffing and betting medium strength hands for value. A few hands ago he raised my CB on a dry K82 board what might have been a bluff.

I will just write down the hand and I would be glad to hear some thoughts on it or even what you think what I've been thinking playing it the way I played it. I will write my thoughts down now and paste them when some people have shared their ideas.

He (1100€ effective) openraises for 20 from the BU, I 3bet for value to 60 with A K from the SB, he calls.

Flop(122): J 8 4
I check and he checks

Turn(122): Q
I bet 70, he calls after a short while

River(260): K
I bet 120, he raises 290, what's your play?
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