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Friends tell me I am awful ??

tobeannounced Posts: 6Subscriber
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Me A_A
Villain K8 hh

Playing 12 nl home game , we are an hour in , 9 handed game its action packed .....
Villain is an old man who just started playing in our game & he plays a few times a week , wish I had more info on him

I open from middle position for 20 , cutoff & button call as do SB & BB pot is 100

Flop is K 10 8 two spades , BB donks for 25 I call & we are heads up going into turn pot is 150

Turn is a offsuit 6 board reads k 10s 8s 6 , BB bets 25 , I raise to 200 total , 175 more , it puts BB allin he calls river brings an offsuit 3 board reads k 10s 8s 6 3 , I lose a + 550 pot =(

My friend thinks I overplayed the AA , and I replyed that my raise was for value trying to get worse to pay me , Ak kq kj

thaughts please


  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    The action & your play is pretty reasonable and standard. Looks fine to me
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    edited July 2014
    Unless your villain is a drooler, I think your turn raise is too big. I think you'll generate more folds unless you're beat like you were.
  • kom Posts: 225Subscriber
    Calling the tiny donk bet on the flop is not helpful to your hand, nor does it you get value against all the hands that will behave this way, including a bunch of draws. It also is good for balancing so you can raise weak leads off their hands. Raise flop and play poker from there.

    As played, turn bet is unreasonable, as said before. You were going to lose a good chunk with this hand, maybe it's unavoidable, but you are the one who made it into a question of your whole stack.

    Also, if villain is an old man, he's going to be nitty in general. Adapt immediately.
  • fishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Raise flop.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    You should raise his weak lead and not bomb turn. This is a classic overplay "i have aa" and no one could have better

    I wud never say your awful but this hand provides you pleanty off opportunity to improve.

    1) what does villains weak lead mean?

    2) what range is he calling with

    3) if you raise flop and he ships what does that mean?

    All of these should help you answer if your hand is good. Welcome and if you truely put in the work this forum and barts teaching will help immensely!

    by 1Bugsy
  • Topset1610 Posts: 280Subscriber
    Raise flop to 75 and fold to a ship. If he flats and then ships the turn I think you also have to release, but it is close.

  • tobeannounced Posts: 6Subscriber
    I would like to thank everyone for their in site , I truly appreciate everyone's opinion , & thank you for your time , happy grinding !
  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    yep, i agree with the above. most important thing is raise flop. and if this is a true nit who would almost never play a draw aggressively, it would be a fairly safe fold if he ships. and the only time your big turn raise would make sense is if you thought he somehow always had NFD and would never fold it. but fact is, he has naked top pair in that spot a lot and you will very often fold it out with that raise.
  • dannydeuces Posts: 239Member
    Raise flop, jam turn.

    I do not think the turn raise is too terrible because of stack sizes. Pot is 200 with villians 25 bet, you call 25 & raise 150 (villian has 175 left). You are making the pot 350 with the villian 150 to call - this is making the villian unable to call a draw profitably. It also might look bluffy and you might get looked up by a light hand.

    Curious of other's thoughts specifically on the turn raise size.
  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    dannydeuces said:

    Curious of other's thoughts specifically on the turn raise size.
    we want to get called, we don't want to maximize our fold equity. shipping makes the pot 375 and it's 175 to call. even if we made it 150, even the best possible draw QsJs would not have the odds to call. it doesn't leave much behind, but if our opponent is an old predictable nit, couldn't we fold if he bets out on river once the draw comes in? probably.

    more importantly, though, we're trying to get calls from his calling RANGE, not just the best possible draws. that makes the 200 ship a bit much. could fold out a weak king, a non-nut flush draw, for example.

    i think you're right in that it's not really such a gross overbet, but i think we'll get more folds than we want with that play, as long as we feel we can fold if villain shoves on river to deny him his odds.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Value targeting ftw. What worse hands can call $200?
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