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JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Here is a hand I played this past weekend.
I have worked my stack up to from $1500 $5000 in an uncapped $5-10 homegame
The villain is a 50 year old Asian whale super fish. Who owns a local business and I witnessed lose over 100k in 5 sessions last year. He has not played in the homegame for over 8 months that I know off. He has talked about losing 200k at poker last year and 1million at the tables in Vegas.He is super aggressive and b/c he is a millionaire believes he can push players around with massive bets, which often works. He doesn't ever fold a draw and is just awesome to be in a game with.

It's 5am and the game is winding down when the villain stumbles in slurs about how drunk he is and buys in for 5k. He is 2 to my right posts the straddle and folds his first hand pre-flop.
Then this hand comes up. The villains second hand of his drunken session.
Straddle is on 5-10-20 blinds
I limp utg with kk
Utg+1 limps
Sb calls
Bb -super whale makes it $260 to go from the bb his range is huge about 40% of hands are there he also doesn't like to fold after putting money in the pot.
Straddle folds I make it $650.00 with kk
Utg+1 folds sb folds
Bb calls

Flop 4d5c6c
Bb super whale fish donk leads 3k
What should I do here?
I am open to all comments and thoughts.


  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    Kc in your hand?
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    fistpump ship it in if you're not concerned about bankroll issues
    by 1jebez
  • DFN Posts: 86Subscriber
    this dude is massively overplaying an over pair of which you dominate all but one of...outside chance of Ax clubs. based on your experience with the player being horrible I would stall call to insure he pushes in the rest on the turn as long as you're willing to call even when a scare card comes . not sure why all of a sudden i would decide to give the guy any credit after what you'd described.
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    I do not have the king of clubs.
    When I am deciding he makes me a speech saying "are u gonna all me, your not gonna all in me".
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Why only raise to to $650 pre? The other players have to also know the tendencies of the whale, so they are likely trapping too. Raising to $1,000 pre would probably ensure it is only you and the whale since that is your target.

    As played, I am shoving immediately and if I lose so be it.
  • Tyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    High variance dream; you can never fold here and I would easily ship it in. You will lose sometimes, though, but you can't play in this game with this guy if you can't take the variance.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    do you think his talk is goating you to call? or goating you NOT to call.. this is an important tell in most cases.. if it was intended to slow you down then snap ship..
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    do you think his talk is goating you to call? or goating you NOT to call.. this is an important tell in most cases.. if it was intended to slow you down then snap ship..
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    I was not sure at the time but I now no it was to goat me into a call.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    edited July 2014
    Raise way more pre since he will almost always call (with worse). I'd probably make it $1200.
    And if u want honest feedback on the hand , don't post results.
    I would pretty happily get it in here without further info.
  • dannydeuces Posts: 239Member
    dont limp/reraise pre.

    ship flop
  • afiguy357 Posts: 99Subscriber
    dannydeuces said:
    dont limp/reraise pre.

    ship flop
    I would only limp/reraise pre if I was really confident whale was almost never 3betting. Some aggro whales are like that with 3bets.

    This whale doesn't sound like that though, so I probably wouldn't try limp/reraise.

    Especially since you are kinda protected from others 3betting you. They are trying to trap him, and you essentially have first option on 4betting if he does 3bet from the straddle
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    I rarely limp reraise preflop i only do it because i know the fish will call i think i should of made it like $1200 pre flop though or more i probably get called.

    What actually ended up happening was the guy flopped top 2 pair with 65 off. I did ship the flop and bricked out the turn and river,but got coolered and stacked for 5k. It did not make much difference as the game ant until 11AM when this uber fish left down 18k. Was a tough hand but
  • maphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I think you only posted the hand because you lost. It's a call or ship depeneding how stupid this guy is. If he continues to bet JT on the turn it's obv better just to call. I like limp reraise, if you open , you will probably get very light calls and whales don't like to squeeze usually.
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