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raise/fold 87s trips hand Bart described on the latest podcast (no 94)

Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Here is the hand I called in with to Bart. I messed up the action and board a bit on the call and it does have an effect on ranges.

Capped game $60bb buyin...most stacks are around the $200-$500 range.

Villain covers me--he is in his 60s; a bit aggressive with the lead but I've seen him trap with a big hand when he flopped trips earlier. He definitely has A8/K8/Q8/J8/T8 in his range preflop even oop...he's playing lots of hands calling in all positions and splashing around preflop

HERO ($285)
Was 1 Limp to me in the HJ and I called with 87 CO raised to $20, SB call, BB call, MP call and I called
FLOP ($100) A 8 8 checked around
TURN ($100) 5 checked to me I bet $45, Fold to BB who calls and looks very interested in the hand. Hand is now heads up
RIVER ($190) J BB lead for $55 very confidently...I raise to $115, BB shoves for $220, I tanked and folded...villain claims to have had Q8

Obviously its much different without the K out there and that was the ultimate reason I folded despite getting good odds to call...He never has anything less than an 8 here and my kicker doesn't even play.

Bart's take is that I can never raise fold and should either call off or just call because there's that enticing of odds to call for ourselves but I think here it's a little clearer.


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    yup I agree with bart..

    So first off when i flop trips against a raise with an ace on the flop I am betting this if its checked to me .. I do this for two reasons:

    1) an ace might be scared of the 8..but they are NEVER folding..not yet.. no need to trap. its also polarizing so if pfr doesnt have an ace you are probably not getting much action from other pairs so you might as well bet to protect your equity against the random 2 outer of someone hitting their overboat.

    2) if there is someone else that has an 8 I get alot more info on that when I bet.. I dont get any information when I check since everyone checks to trap.. Say you bet and you should be really small. like even 1/3 pot.. if two people call one the pfr.. pfr has the ace most of the time.. so what does the other player have? if you dont hit the 7 on the turn I would bet tiny again.. now if the 3rd player pounces you got value from worse but lose the min when tricky trappy players raise .. you have no kicker and cant really be good there unless someone is a total spaz and thats based on your live read of that player..

    considering your kicker is bad I agree that the check call check call lead line is pretty nutty.. esp if the lead on the river is relatively big.. I dont see much reason to raise because I am never getting better to fold and worse is just going to fold..

  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    I was dreaming he had AJ lol
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