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two hands from Harrah's LV

Jakeflush Posts: 24Member
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I decided to play 1-2 just to get some confidence back, At the point of these two hands I had played a lot of pots but was showing down big hands. I hadnt made any bluffs except for a few c-bets on B+ boards, and attacking one field bettor on an A+ board which werent shown So my image is winning tag
Hand one I have K J Vil seems to be a decent reg definitely understands the game on the tight side he has about 325 behind from the big blind I raise to 10 from the button with 600 behind he calls Flop Comes A 2 7 He checks to me i bet out 25 and he calls so pot is about 75 at this point I think he has an Ace but he doesn't like his kicker I decided that if anything but a comes im done with the hand Turn is 9 he bets out 65 and I call as soon as I call he's whole demeanor changes he wasn't hollywooding he was genuinely concerned about the spade. So im firing any river except for maybe a low 4th b/c im a little concerned his kicker could be a q-10 of and he might decide to look me up river is a 2 so there is about 205 in the pot hes got about 225 left he checks I bet out 230 and he takes about a minute he says I have a decent Ace, but you have b


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Float / bluff with at least some equity please. Value , value , value at 1/2.
  • SKOOSKOO Posts: 160Subscriber
    You made a decent move on the river given the tells he gave you. But I agree with chili, I live in Vegas and frequent all poker rooms. Harrahs regs don't like to fold. But sometimes you have to adjust and if you think X will make this person fold, then go with it. He probably had a decent spade to go with his A
  • Topset1610 Posts: 280Subscriber
    edited July 2014
    You said his demeanor did not change until you called the turn. If this was the case why are you floating with no equity?

    One of the weaknesses that I had when I first started is when I was running my bluffs I did not have equity against their calling range. Chillidog brings up a good point that if you are going to be floating/bluffing at least make sure you have some equity. It ended up working out well and nice pick up on the tell, but in the long run I do not think this is a good line as others have stated.

    Another thing since for this bluff to work you had to bomb river it needs to be successful more then 50% of the time. If you take into account that really the $65 dollars you called was part of the bluff, because we have established you do not have any outs that actually means you are risking $295 to win $140. In order for this play to be profitable you need to be successful over 65% of the time.
  • Jakeflush Posts: 24Member
    thanks for the feedback looking back on it it worked out yes but I was in there w/ no equity and the worst part is i know better, part of my problem is i am not at the point yet where i can detach myself i still get caught up in the heat of the moment which will change with time
  • Topset1610 Posts: 280Subscriber
    Yeah when I use to play $1 $2 and was just starting I pretty much had a no bluffing allowed policy. Normally anytime I left that strategy it failed in $1 $2. People are there to call not fold so yeah it works sometimes and you remember it, but unless your really careful it is -EV imo at $1 $2.

    One exception though. Pay attention to preflop bet raising. Almost all $1 $2 players have a tiered betting pattern. Ex: maybe a raise to $6 equals suited connectors / low pockets $10 = mid pocket pair and $15 = premium hand. I really like 3 bet bluffing when they raise to the bottom of the range and 2 or 3 people call so there is some dead money. It is a good way to pick up some extra hands with bad holdings.
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