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3B by SB in shorthanded game w/88...?

mythomaniac Posts: 284Subscriber
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Game is a deep $1-2 but really $1-2-5 because of the straddle rock. People mainly buy in for 3-500 and you can match the big stack if you get felted. I'm in a dream game situation; private home game has become shorthanded and there are 3 spots and one OK player who pays attention to ranges and not just his cards.

Villain: Mid twenties, has tendencies to spew. Has 3B me to 70 from OOP when I raised with AK and he ended up with 72s but that was months ago when HE was also deep. Splashes around a bit but this session he bought in 200 (normally 500) and has been playing tight ABC due to the fish in the game who make barreling nearly suicidal especially OOP.

Me: Mid twenties, sitting about $1,700 and the villain has mentioned that I've been raising every hand recently. (We are short handed, I was opening anything 87s+ in position to $25)

I'm UTG w/88. I open to $25, it folds to the villain in the SB and he looks at his hand, pauses, doesn't look too pleased and 3B to $80. I take the facial expression as he isn't pleased he is about to play this pot OOP against me (ego aside, I've been amping up my aggression post flop and putting a lot of pressure on people with my stack.) Folds back around to me.

Now here's my question. He has $350 behind after his 3B so the pot will be about 160 if I call. If he cbets the flop, he is kind of committing himself so I don't know if I can take advantage of my position here. We have both been staying away from each other because the fish are more than generous. Even if he does have AK, I'm ahead for now, is this a spot where it's worth taking a flop? I feel like if I take a flop and don't see a favorable one, I'm just going to fold and it's a spew.

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