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Top pair versus donk lead

PocketAceTrader782 Posts: 441Subscriber
edited July 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2-5 game effective stacks $800. I have QJ ss in the big blind. Typical recreational player limps from UTG. Solid tag from MP raises to $20. One caller in between, I call, limper from UTG calls.

Pot $80 Flop comes out Qh-10h-6s. I chk, UTG donk leads for $50. MP (pre flop raiser- tag ) calls. I call. Other guy folded.
Now I do think the UTG has some q-10's in his range here or possibly Queens with a weaker kicker. I think he would have raised pre flop with Q-A or QK. I also think he has some draws in his range also. The MP guy I had on a draw or over pair. (Possibly strong queen as well).

Pot $230 Turn come a 3s. (I pick up back door spades). I chk. UTG bets $125. mp calls, I call.

Pot $605. River is an 5c

Final Board: Qh-10h-6s-3s-5c

I chk, UTG bets for $250, mp folds, and I decide that he is not bluffing a missed flush draw and he is not valuing betting a worse hand. So I fold.



  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    you put yourself in a pretty tough spot by not just betting out on the flop.... you've almost invited a bluff from a busted heart draw. and now you just have to decide whether this player is capable. would he bluff 1 out of 4 times? kinda seems like it.... it's the most obvious bluff spot and players get so excited about front door flush draws that they have a hard time just conceding the pot when they miss. and here you are checking three times....

    with such a draw heavy board, especially vs. three opponents, i'd bet out a) to get value from draws and b) to take some of the guesswork out of the hand. if i'm raised on the flop or turn, i probably have to let the hand go vs. most opponents. but at least i would have gotten value from draws and can figure that my opponents aren't simply trying to take advantage....

  • dannydeuces Posts: 239Member
    utg donk leads 3 streets into 2 players. most likely zero bluffs in his range. River is a fold.
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