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Took 3K

reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
edited July 2014 in Low Content Forum
from Tulalip 5-5 PLO game over 11 hours and 3 sessions last weekend. Felt great to win and run good. That is all.

:cool: :lol: :cool: :lol: :cool:


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    BBV obv.
    Nice job.
    Post a couple big hand histories ?
  • reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
    You're already commenting on one with Tyler Patterson lol. The other one I posted was decent with TT97 on a T94r flop. Here's some more highlights...

    First session, bought in for $500, lost twice with AAxx (the first pot I even flopped top set lol), rebuy. Next bullet I ran my $500 up to $800 and got all-in with AhQx7h5h on a 7x6h4h board, up against 85xx, lost.

    Next rebuy, my third bullet, perhaps next hand or so, I get into it with the same guy who stacked me with 85, I'm in position with A876, flop comes 345r. I more than double up in the hand, taking him for three streets, plus some nice pre-flop money (I think it was raised). Chipped up some more, cashed out $2100 (+$600) after a little over 2 hours of play (it was almost 2:30 a.m., didn't want to be too degen on my vacation with the wife).

    Second session was two days later, played for 5 hours, got into the hand with Tyler Patterson early on where he bluffed me (lol), then a little later won that very nice pot with TT97 on a T94 board. After around 5 hours, I cashed out +$1270 and went to dinner.

    Third session, I came back that night and got back into the game around midnight, played until 3:30. Game got short around 2:00 a.m. (4-handed) which was a lot of fun! Then we played 3-handed from 2:30-3:30, and I was super tired and went to bed. I cashed out +$1180.

    There's my intro to Tulalip 5-5 PLO story. :cool:
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