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River Full House, Check-Call or Check-Shove?

mythomaniac Posts: 284Subscriber
edited August 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
At a decent $2-5 table about an hour into session and get dealt Q Q UTG+1 and open to $20. 3 players call including an older gentleman who sat down one hand ago.

Flop (80) 7 9 7
I lead for 50

Only the older gentleman calls
Turn (180) 8

I continue for 115 intending to fold to a raise. I still get value from J-J 10-10 A9 89 and think I'll hear from a naked 7 if I'm behind.
He calls.

River (410) 7

I check.
Villain bets 150 with 230 behind.



  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    Ugh...I hate the 150 out of 230 bet, you've polarized the old mans ability, he either is a goof value betting a loose 9, or a pair or he's crafty betting a 7 or 99 with the this is the max he thinks you'll call.

    I gotta call and eat it... I'm getting about 3.5 to 1
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