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well why not?! Aces into a bluff catcher deep?! Lets go!

CashDonk Posts: 6Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Alright, we are playing 2/5 at Aria. We have a winning image (playing pretty taggish). Stack: $1300

Villain in this hand is a meh player- understands some things, but plays a bit too loose and has attempted a bluff earlier and was picked off. Stack: $1900

Straddled pot, folded to us in the HJ, we look at AsAd and make it $35. BB (villain) flats. Straddler completes.

Pot: $105

Flop: 8s4s3d

Checks to us. We bet $65. Villain c/r to $250. Straddler folds. We call.

Pot: $605

Turn: Th

Villain bets $350. We call.

Pot: $1305

River: 3s

Villain jams. And we fold? Right?

Obv asking on all streets. Is the turn a fold? I felt that folding the flop is pretty weak on this coordinated of a board. Thanks for the help!


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    So I think your raise is fine given its a straddled pot. Especially if the straddler likes to defend his straddle.. he has a wide open range..

    I like your bet on the flop too. You could even bet a bit bigger but with only one villain you need to bet something bigger than half pot so anything between 65-90 I think is fine..

    When he check raises the first thing you should do is remember if you have the Ace of spades and if you dont go look.. That means he CANT have the nut flush draw which actually makes his range alot stronger. I would put him on 4s,3s,8s, overpairs, and some kind of flush draw.. If you have seen this player play his draws fast then I am definitely going to call the flop..way to weak to fold now given stack sizes..

    On the turn that is pretty much a blank.. doesnt fill a straight and no flush card.. I would call again knowing that most of the time this call will get it to showdown.. but if a blank comes on the river and he checks to me I am betting.. betting for probably a pair under AA.. like QQ, JJ or KK.. if he had 99 I think he might check the turn..

    On the river when the flush and straight card comes in and villain shoves I just dont think most players are capable of bluffing that card.. If he isnt bluffing then its very likely he had the flush draw hit it and now thinks you will pay him off. This is for the majority of the player pool.. If you have seen this guy bluff this big before then its a pretty gross spot..

  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    He played it just like flopped a set or less likely 43 two pair. I think less players would be capable of playing a draw like this but certainly possible. With the board pairing on the river and flush coming in, I think it's a fold. I put him on a set that has become a FH. I like the way you played the other streets. Of course with the history its tempting to hero call, but I wouldn't here.
  • CrazyCBettor Posts: 46Member
    The river card makes it an easy fold. When you call flop and turn your hand looks so much like a flush draw that it is very rare that he is bluffing that card. I would play the hand exactly the way you played it. Nothing much you can do.
  • I like the way you played it except I would bet a little more on the flop. An argument could be made for just folding the flop to his raise. That is a pretty large raise and he can't have the nut flush draw. River is a snap fold.
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    fishcake said

    An argument could be made for just folding the flop to his raise. That is a pretty large raise and he can't have the nut flush draw.
    If villain is not particularly aggressive or is a standard regular I would fold flop to this sizing.

    He really likes his hand and is going to put a lot of pressure on us on future streets.
  • coolfish7 Posts: 29SubscriberProfessional
    Your hand looks like an overpair, especially to a somewhat competent villian. If his river bet is for value, he's telling that he has (or can beat) a flush. The only weird thing is that you have the As so he can't have the nut flush (maybe an argument for folding flop or turn as previously mentioned). Still he can have the flop combo draws of 76ss, 75ss, 65ss.

    By the river, you've put in $635 (if I'm adding correctly), so roughly half your stack. Do villians think you'll put that much in and fold? Not sure. But why would he shove against your hand that should be at best an overpair? If the villian is really good then I might level myself and call the river, just because of his sizing, IE, since your hand is basically capped at 1 pair, he knows that that river card, combined and the all-in sizing is the scariest to you. If we were in villian's shoes with a flush or FH, and we read your hand for what it is, I think it'd be much more profitable to make the river sizing similar to turn sizing (unless he's levelling you, or thinks you're a fish that can never lay down an overpair) since it's just such a bad card to get paid on. But with what you said about this villian, he's probably not thinking that deeply about your hand and is just trying to get the money. I'd fold.
  • A more interesting river card would be the Jc. I don't see many stack off through a 3 street bluff--especially in a straddle pot. People don't adjust their ranges to the fact that they are playing half as deep.. It really looks like you are going to showdown after you go call-call so I wouldnt expect to be good all that often.

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