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136 - Limped Pots; Play Off Of Your Opponent’s Range

JeJoJeJo Posts: 56Member
edited September 2014 in Crush Live Poker Articles
Hey Bart,

would you refrain from 2nd barreling a 3 and a 4? Or do you like those disconnected cards to bet sometimes?

What about a 7 and an 8?
Personally, I would rather bet them against the SB and the BB than against a limper because their ranges contain more connected cards which would have a gutshot on a 7 or a 8 turn more often and thus lower our FE.


  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
    If you bet one of those small cards I would be planning on bluffing the river as well so long as a ragged one liner doesnt come in. Like everything I think this depends on the type of player that calls me on the flop. If he's a one time, light caller than yes. If his call represents top pair probably not.

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