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CLT Video No.3: Defense Against 3 Bets from Out of Postion

BartBart Posts: 5,949AdministratorLeadPro
Corwin discusses the fundamentals of combating light 3-bettors when you're out of position, covering each step of a proper thought process.

Episode posts at 2PM ET.



  • nickdevo1 Posts: 163Subscriber
    when i fight back against a light opener or a light 3-bettor, i like to be the first one to get it all-in.
    i will not light 4-bet when the other person has a perfect re-ship stack. i want to have enough chips to be able to drive the betting war with my chips going in first.
    sometimes this means a slight overbet.
    if the stacks don't allow me to combat the light 3-bettor with my chips going in first then i just play ABC until the blinds go up, or the relative stacks change in the course of normal play.
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