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Wiping the slate clean

weatherman Posts: 65Member
edited September 2014 in Poker Goals and Challenges
So I decided yesterday after listening to Dave Tuchman's podcast on plugging leaks (I think it is episode 60 something) that I need to re-evaluate a lot about my game. I know I have tons and tons of leaks. So I decided to start preflop and tighten up my ranges, play a few hands and see what if any issues came up. 3 or 4 times I found myself the preflop raiser raising non-ace broadway cards in the CO (KTs, QJo) and getting called by the blinds or an early limper. The flop was Axx :r: where xx are 2 low unconnecting cards. I would usually cbet and the turn was an ace. I found myself lost in this situation so I wrote it down and will be working in it today.
My new goal is to play a few hours each week and write down at least once instance where I don't have a plan and slowly plug each and every leak until I feel comfortable everywhere. This will probably never end but by writing this down here I am making myself accountable.
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