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Small stakes PLO side pot consideration

WillWay Posts: 35Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hey guys-
Hope it is okay to post a interesting 1/2 PLO,300-500 buyin hand here:

(figures rounded for notes)The game looked to be breaking up, and seat 4 had been beating it up, since he and I bought in for $300 around the same time. Im in the CO with http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/qs.gif http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/ks.gif http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/th.gif http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/kd.gif

UTG raises to 6, +1 calls;
HJ makes it 16, and Hero makes it 28.
BTN and SB fold.
BB calls,UTG calls for remainder;
+1 and HJ call.

Flop is:

http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/4s.gif http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/8d.gif http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/4d.gif

Pot:@ $165

+1 shoves for around $30 remaining, HJ calls, then Hero calls (figured on HJ having overs and/or flush draw, and maybe getting some fold equity w bet on turn), BB calls remainder $20+


HJ checks, Hero bets $80, HJ calls.


HJ checks, and Hero shoves for around $110, HJ calls.

Hero scoops.

My question is that given the size of the stack in the HJ, and the board texture on the flop, is it profitable to bet into his hand there say if a



http://www.stevedawson.com/pokercards/th.gif hits the turn instead of the

It being a non-connected card seems reasonable but is it? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.



  • Hey bud,

    Glad to see a PLO discussion here.

    Honestly I really dont like the 4 bet pre. Usually at this level when someone three bets an early postion short raiser they are going to have AA a ton. And when you four bet you bloat the pot up so much that he can get a good portion of effective stacks in preflop with AA something you don't really want to happen.

    Flop is stupid close. You would think HJ should raise with hands here that he was going to go with. $30 is so cheap although you rarely have good equity here. If checked to on turn with those cards I would bet.

  • WillWay Posts: 35Member
    Thanks, Bart....PLO is such a great game, I want to continue to learn/play more. In a similar situation, I will try to flat there in a 3-bet pot w/o Aces, suited/connected. Is is better to repop with suited/connected aces in the same spot with occasional flatting mixed in? Or is it more beneficial to pot control in more multi-way action vs. heads up in late position?

    The HJ had been agro preflop with naked high pairs, and would call in nearly all positions with broadway runs, and with weird broadway combos with low to mid danglers....i.e. AJT6o (he often dominated w/made str8s , and grew his stack in 3 diff. pots prior) He hadn't played any low runs like 4567, but this would also be a little less likely spot considering the action b4 the flop.

    Sry about the 20 questions, but PLO has definitely piqued my interest : )

  • Guess the real question here is had he betting 3 betting aggressively?

  • WillWay Posts: 35Member
    Preflop, but slowed quite a bit after the flop. I do see how my 4-bet could get me in a really bad spot. After playing a few more days with diff. opponents, a good deal of them do 3-bet with Aces naked, and nearly all w Aces suited. If someone is super agro pre, and we have a premium hnd such as this it would be more appropriate to flat the 3-bet in position. My 4-bet was too marginal for sure, pre as you said. The HJ was leading/playing straightforward when he flopped as he should, and never seemed to get to far out of line. If I would have led and he checkraised the flop, I would have instafolded. I was hoping for him to lead with Qs,Jax, Ts, or even top pair and for me to call behind, and eval the turn. Thanks for pointing out the unneccessary bloating there, against a possibly crushing hand. Coming from NLHE, I have to learn to give more consideration for dominating hands in PLO, and quality wraps....will be checking out Jeff Hwang's series soon, and of course hoping for more PLO on LABTSmile Thanks!
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