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Poker Journal Not Working w/ IOS8

SupremeNinja Posts: 137Subscriber
edited September 2014 in Low Content Forum
If anybody had problems updating their iphones to IOS8, it could be due to Poker Journal.
If you do use PJ and have not updated to IOS yet... DON'T.

The problem occurs in the actual initial installation of IOS 8 (it freezes).
I then had to restore the iphone again. Once I finally got IOS8 running, and all my apps installed,... Poker Journal was the only app that didn't work.

I spent 2 days trying to get my iphone/PJ working, and then finally found out it's a known error, and the developer is currently working with Apple to fix the problem.

My only solution was to downgrade back to IOS7, and luckily, I was able to get all my sessions back from an icloud restore.

by 1LaPeste


  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber

    I am writing to inform you of current and serious issue with Poker Journal on iOS8.

    First of all, I am sending this to as broad a list as possible. If you are not a Poker Journal user, you do not need to continue reading this. If you would rather not get emails from me, please email me, and I will remove you from my notification list.

    As many of you have already written to me, iOS 8 is not currently compatable with Poker Journal. This is not due to any code issue that I have control of. This is due to a defect in iOS 8. Poker Journal will not install on a device that is using iOS8. This is due to a defect in the operation system. I have been working with Apple to figure out what is going on, but my most recent communication with them simply told me to file a bug report with apple and they are providing no further information. I am still trying to get them to respond. So far, they are not cooperating.

    I will continue to try to get them to provide more information. I would also urge you to contact Apple and complain directly to them. This is a problem with iOS 8.

    If you are affected by this issue, please read the rest of this email for urgent information. This is time critical inforormation if you are using iCloud to backup your data. (see below)

    I recommend the following:
    If you have NOT already upgraded to iOS 8, and you use Poker Joural... Wait. I will send you an email when this is resolved.

    If you HAVE already upgraded, you may want to read this article (www.macworld.com/article/2687162/how-to-downgrade.html OR www.iphonehacks.com/2014/09/downgrade-ios-8-ios-7-1-2.html) and consider downgrading. This may or may not be possible, but if you really need to run Poker Journal, this will be the only option until Apple resolves the issue. (Assuming you do not have access to a device with iOS7 or earlier.

    WARNING: I cannot be responsible for any data loss that comes with this procedure.
    Please understand that you proceed at your own risk!

    As far as your DATA:
    If you have used Poker Journal to backup your data and hav the backup email, rest assured, this email contains your Poker Journal database, and once Poker Journal is working again on your device, you will be able to restore your data from this email. (Kep it safe.)

    If you Backup your device to iTunes. You will be able to restore your data from the iTunes backup once Poker Journal is working on your device again. If for some reason this does not restore, there are tools to go into the backup file and recover the Poker Journal database from the backup file from iTunes. Contact me for more information about the tools to do so. (free version of www.iphonebackupextractor.com works well)

    If you backup your devices to iCloud ONLY. Then there are some things that you can do to help protect your Poker Journal data from being removed from your iCloud backup.
    - The most important thing that you can do is TURN OFF iCLOUD backup from your device. From what I understand, iCloud keeps the most recent THREE backup files from your device.If you turn off your backups, then you are less likeley to have the backup that contains your Poker Journal data removed.

    - Use a utility to Download your backup files from iCloud.
    I am not sure the best answer for getting your backup from iCloud. There are some utilites for downlaoding and extracting files from your iCloud account... though they are not cheap. The one that looks most likely to work is:
    www.iphonebackupextractor.com (cost $70)
    I have not yet tried this, but hope to try it to verify that it works. If this works, and if you would like me to try to extract from your iCloud account so you don't have to, I am willing to try, but.. this would require you giving me your iCloud login. (I certainly can be trusted, but I would probably not be comfortable giving my apple ID and login to anyone personally.) If you want to know if this worked, please drop me an email, and I will update you as soon as i have tested this.

    there is a free version, but it only works on iTunes backups, NOT iCloud. I have tested this, and I was able to extract a PJ database file from an iTunes backup. this is probably the easisiest way to get the file from that backup file.

    I have tried another utility (www.recovery-transfer.com) but this did not find the sqlite file that is the database for poker journal. It looks like a cool free tool for accessing other data types from your iCloud backup, but not for PokerJournal.

    These are the only two that I have seen so far...

    There are tools that will get your data file back onto your device once Poker Journal is working on your device again If you get to this stage, email me and I will send you instructions on how to do this.


    If through any of the steps above you are able to get your Poker Joural database, If you are willing to send it to me, I will convert your data to a csv file that can be opened in Excel, or perhaps imported into another poker tracking program. (I would hate to loose you as a user, but I understand how difficult this must be.)

    I wish I had better news for you. I hope Apple is comes around and becomes more responsive. I suspect they have their hands full with having to pull and update for iOS 8 already...

    If you know anyone who uses Poker Journal, feel free to forward this email to them, or tell them to email me to get onto my notification list.

    If I can answer any other questons, please do not hestiate to contact me.

    My appologies,
    Michael Golden
  • 3aces Posts: 155Subscriber
    I got the email too. I did the iOS 8 update #2 yesterday and poker journal still does not work on my iPhone. I am now using poker income but I don't like it as much as Poker Journal.
  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    Any news? Still not able to use PJ w iOS 8?
  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    I need to bump this thread as I am upgrading to an ios8 device shortly. Do the same issues still exist for PJ for ios8 devices? Thank you to anyone that can update me.
  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    There is no support as of yet for PJ for IOS8 devices. I still haven't upgraded to the new IOS because of this but I am about to give up and switch programs. You can look for some info here:

  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    I read the reviews on "Run Good" and it looks like it is decent...anyone else tried it out here?
  • ddz Posts: 152SubscriberProfessional
    looks like poker journal might be working with the ios 8.1 update from the posts I saw on 2+2...

    Anyone here with similar experience?
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    Confirmed. Poker Journal works on 8.1.
  • WITBC Posts: 3Subscriber

    Poker Journal back to normal/functional after updating to iOS 8.1 (iPhone 5)
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Is there anything special you have to do other than update the software?
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    No. For me at least, the backup-restore functionality hasn't worked correctly since the last major app update, so on restoring data I had to manually re-enter quite a bit of data. I didn't dig around in the html of the backup to figure out what got mangled, which might have been a better approach though.
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    I just looked and it looks like the raw backup file is just binary data jammed into a super minimal html doc. Oh well, no manual fix-up possible there.
  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    I actually just finished my upgrade to ios 8.1. I had been holding off waiting to go to 8 from 7 for Poker journal. I backed my phone up to the cloud and after installing 8.1 everything worked perfectly. I didnt even have to go to the html backup file that was made it happened automatically.

  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    great news...staying w PJ when my new Iphone 6 arrives...thanks all
  • Thirty___Three Posts: 7Subscriber
    FYI , I just upgraded the iOS 9 and there are no problems that I could see.
  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    Drew5hark said:
    great news...staying w PJ when my new Iphone 6 arrives...thanks all
    Jesus @drew5hark, how could you not remember this?
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