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My growth as a player and warning to all you LURKERS!

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
edited October 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This is my 10th year playing poker. If it wasnt for my stubbornness and my full time job I would have quit a long time ago. Not because I dont like the game but because I would have finally lost my mind about losing the money. Probably would have had to go to Gamblers Anonymous too..

That said the real turn around in my poker career was when I hired my first coach.. then I met Bart and he told me he wanted to help me. He did the best he could as a mentor but what really shot me forward was getting my Mental Game in order and posting hands on his forum on SOP.

I asked him about the forums and that wasnt his first priority in setting up the site. But wow oh wow what a treasure. The ability to review hands with like minded folks ..folks who are JUST as interested in learning as me was my inflection point. I could talk with Claire but at that time she was so far ahead of me in her game that I cant even imagine why she actually talked poker with me..ha ha .. boy was I bad then..

Slowly but surely I was able to think about the theories that Bart posted on his podcasts and videos .. and then ask people how they would apply them.. All of these just built up on each other.. Fast forward a couple of years and now I see myself as pretty much the best player at any table I play at ..ANYWHERE ANYTIME!!!!

If you guys are serious about getting better.. YOU CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT POSTING YOUR HANDS IN THE FORUMS. For all you lurkers out there. no way no how.. Applying what Bart is trying to teach just cannot be completed without peer review.. This is true in almost any field. and its certainly true here..

I dont care if I look like a bozo ..if I was wrong I was wrong ..but I can learn from that and be better. I have taken my lumps for sure.. *can anyone say fold underfull* or *hammah cant remember the board* I remember those posts well.. but I learned from them. You all can too ..

So to all you lurkers.. Dont post .. stay anonymous and wait til you see me walk up to your table. However if you truely want to get better.. then...


ah.. I feel much better now..

hams :wink:


  • workinghard Posts: 1,561Subscriber
    Posting is great but the harder part for many, and at times myself certainly, is putting the ego or pride aside and being accepting when others say "you made a mistake" and not letting yourself become defensive of your play.
  • The_Dark_Hammah Posts: 37Subscriber
    edited October 2014
    Great post.

    I have to agree.
    I honestly just this week FOUND the forums after having going to bed with a Bart podcast
    every night for 2 years now. And of course listening to Limon from his first podcast.
    He makes life so funny and interesting.
    Bart has helped me transition greatly from on line tournies to cash immensely.

    And now I have discovered the forums (<---- duh, slow bus I guess) and will participate more.
    Way more different than the 2+2 crap that one has to sift through.

    I promise to post some hands. :)

    Smeagol aka The Dark Hammah
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber

    Thankfully i was able to shed my ego a long time ago. But thats also what great about the forums. We judge your play. We want to learn and so does. Well almost everyone else wants to learn too. So we will tell you the truth. Our opinion and we respect each other. That dynamic just doesnt exist for many of us outside of here

    I am a female and always found it hard to make friends in poker. Guys werent that interested except getting in my pants. The players i respected werent the type to be buddies w an older gal. Those young wipper snappers.

    But in the forum all that matters is your thoughts. No one knows how old or young you are. What color or race. I have my hammah pic up there so y'all know im a gal buy i cud have easily put something generic and no one would know any better.
  • The_Dark_Hammah Posts: 37Subscriber
    a poker player HAS to let go of ego in order to make the most optimal decision
    at any point and continue learning.
    Otherwise, you will not progress either as a person nor the ballah you think you wanna be.

    Most humans SHOULD have the survival instinct in them.
    That means in this world, one has to take alot of blows to the gut and still be willing to graze and move on.


    The Dark Hammah
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    i would post more hands but currently I'm playing 2 times a month for probably 10 hours only.

    past few sessions have been pretty boring.
  • BigLarry Posts: 86SubscriberProfessional
    edited October 2014
    I never post hands and honestly rarely read other peoples hand postings. I feel I either have to be at the table witnessing the hand (or better yet be in the hand myself) to get a real feel for what is happening. The typical descriptions of LAG or TAG or "old guy" or whatever dosen't tell give me enough info. Listening to a very good player "verbally" break down a hand like Bart does in his podcasts gets my mental wheels much more in motion. The training videos which target specific concepts are even better. I dont want to read, "I was in MP+1 with $500 effective stacks and AKo vs. old man with coffee who 3-bet me on button....did I make a mistake?" I dont get anything out of those threads.

    Sorry but I just think it is much more important to focus on the videos and podcasts and use the forums for other questions unrelated to hand histories....

    Just my 2 cents..

  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    i see where you are coming from but to me posting and responding th hands is a great way to improve but the caveat is you have to post your thoughts. even if what you are thinking is going against the grain still post it (unless someone else does before you :)) and your stance will either get reinforced or maybe you will see a new angle. either way you gain insight.

    to each his own i guess, i do like the vids and podcasts though.
  • tripsix21 Posts: 6Subscriber
    Thanks for the encouragement to post. Haven't had any significant hands lately, will post when I do. I've posted a couple replies, putting myself out there. I welcome the discussion. I have a question for Randall Graves, does he do forum?
    I would post it but I'm so sick of hearing King little little! lol
  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,308Pro
    Ill probably never post hands as I do that face to face. I agree a bit with BigLarry in that lot of important data gets lost in posting. I'll often be at the same table as a person who later wants to talk through a hand with me and they will leave out key details - typically because they missed them. Lots of times I just plain disagree with the range people put the villain on - but I know that could be because my player pool might be different from yours. I play in about 6 rooms regularly enough to know the regs well and the same hand as written could mean very different things depending on what room it was in. People who only play in one room probably don't understand how different the player pools can be in different parts of the country.

    Overall though I agree with the Hamma in that the process of putting your thoughts in writing or explaining them clearly to a friend is really valuable. Sometimes you answer your own question just by trying to explain it clearly.

    I read all the hand posts since it really helps me profile players and understand how different types of players think. But it does get tiring to read a bunch of posts where you can tell the hero lost the hand and just wants a pat on the shoulder that they did ok. I much prefer more thoughtful posts like - did I get max value here? The Hammah often has some of the better posts - so please keep em coming.
  • AcesventuraAcesventura Posts: 15Member
    Thanks for the advice Wendy. It really hit home for me. Definately gonna involve myself more no matter how foolish my hand or question is. Thanks
  • GroundhogDayGroundhogDay Posts: 287Subscriber
    To piggy-back on these posts... like "they" say: you know you truly know a concept when you can teach it. Therefore responding to posts can be just as beneficial as being the original poster.... Don't be like this biotch...

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