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2-3 @ casino AZ. is hand 2 awful?

jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hand 1
KK dealt to me after posting in cutoff (red kings) 2 limpers I raise to $13 blinds call glimpses call. Pot$61

Flop: J25r. Check to me I cbet $50 (game is very passive limping and limp calling)
Felt my cbet was to hi. Weak Jx hands may call if I bet $35 instead. I'm not planning on folding to a raise.

Questions? Cbet amount? $35

Hand 2 $300 stacks...more or less
'I get 57cc otb. Utg raises t o $10. 2callers I call BB calls. Pot is $34.
Flop: K5J cc
Utg bets $15 one call I raise to$50. Folds to villain. (Old man who just paid off obv river flush with total) he raises $100 more I shove $240. I have a tight image at this point.. had to edit as I got the action wrong had to look innotes

First time posting hands so any suggestions are helpful


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Yes, hand 2 is bad. Don't bluff or even semi bluff a post flop aggressor with short stacks. You're just plain gambling there as a pretty decent dog, he's not folding once he raises.
  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Hand 1: I would bet ~ 2/3 pot so $40. I wouldn't worry too much about this hand: if you are trying to get a decent J to call (people often don't play anything below J9 or so), they probably call your $50 too. they probably don't have anything.

    Hand 2: Agree with chili. It sounds like you think villain is a calling station -- in which case you don't want to semi-bluff this board. Since you have the button and the hand is very multi-way, I prefer a flat on the flop here. If villain then raises, its tough with the short stacks. If deep, I probably call the flop but play cautiously (both your FD and pair could be no good), but it may be correct to fold with these stacks.
  • jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
    The reason I posted this hand is I think it's a huge leak for me. fd with a pair...I. hav@e got it in here so many times when stacks are around the 100BB level.. it just seems unnecessary. I always tell myself I'm not folding so why not jam it. (Btw for years I have played super lag at these games...a thinking lag..I am reading and listening to everything I can from bart and really trying to learn and become fundamentally sound. So I've tightened up a lot for the most part as I'm rebuilding my game. I'm going to post all my hands that are "carryovers" from the old me

    What would bart do is my swingthought at the table
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    what is raising going to accomplish? Just because you arent folding doesnt mean you have to stack off vs the likely nuts. You are either way ahead or have decent equity... Just call flop and hit your draw. Likely fold to a turn bet because it will be big and you wont be able to get correct odds to make it +ev.
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Jim, think about it this way: if you are confident that villain has a strong hand which he won't fold often, you know you have to improve. Now, by reraising on the flop you basically give away the option to get away from the hand at a later street in case you don't improve. Since he is strong, you won't have a problem to get the money in at a later street, so why not keep the flexibility to either do this or fold later?
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