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just wanna say thanks to crush live poker my short story

StarwarsJediMasterStarwarsJediMaster Posts: 741Subscriber
edited October 2014 in Poker Goals and Challenges
in a nut shell this is my 2nd subscription
about 2 years ago discovered crush live poker at the perfect time I was on a 15k downswing at 2/5 500 cap due to spew of over aggression most of my training was duecescracked which was really good stuff but there stuff is for mostly online and don't discuss live . I really felt like Bart was talking me in his podcasts every podcast was turn in the right direction I had so many leaks that I didn't know. From that day I started my training on crush live poker I have been able to not have a losing month since and no more than a 4k down swing and a huge winner


  • LuckyDucky Posts: 139Subscriber

    What where your worst leaks? The 20% that accounted for 80% of losses?
  • StarwarsJediMasterStarwarsJediMaster Posts: 741Subscriber
    GeneSF said:

    The 20% that accounted for 80% of losses?
    what do you mean by that I don't understand ?
    I would say my biggest leak was 3 barreling, c betting with no regards to my image, iso raising to light vs short stacks. opening to light, tilt .
  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 747Administrator
    Awesome story!
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