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Overplayed or Value Owned

jeffreyneuman Posts: 19Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
5/10 at Charles Town today , unknown UTG limps , semi regular TAG limps behind , BTN reg calls , SB semi reg completes I check my option in BB with 2h3h , 2k effective stacks sizes , I cover . Flop Qd2d2s , lead for 50$ , UTG folds , MP calls , BTN folds , SB calls . Pot is now 200 , at this time weighting their ranges top pair hands , middle pairs , and flush draws , think I would of most likely heard from A2s but still consider it a possibility . Turn Ah , like this card , doesn't complete flush , could make a top pair or top two hand , SB checks I bet 175$ ( any sizing issue here ? ) thinking I will fold out most non top pair hands or better and give flush draws bad odds to continue , also expect to hear from better 2's . MP folds SB calls . The SB is a older very nice gentleman , I am known to him and know he respects my game but he will call with draws and top even 2nd pair hands . He recently agonized folding top pair weak kicker to a super good winning professional , His call hits my radar screen but feel like he has a draw or hit the turn Ace , maybe a stubborn Queen . Pot is around 550$ , river is Jh , SB checks , I am concerned he has a full house or better deuce and has been slow playing or afraid of the flush draw but it is still a strong possibility he has a Q , Ace or middle pair and will call a bet , strongly consider checking behind but he is a very calling station type of villain , decide to bet fold river , looking to get get called by pairs that think I busted flush draw and other 2nd best hands , plan on folding to raise , bet 230$ he INSTA raises all in , beat 0% of his raising range here and fold , he graciously shows his Q2 flopped full . Did I over play here ? Was there a better line to take ?


  • I dont mind your line with there being a flush draw out there on the flop. I think you can get a lot of value from Adxd. However if the board was rainbow I'd consider betting smaller on the turn leading to a small river bet. As played obv it is a bet fold on river. Checking back here would be a mistake especially with chop protection vs any other unfull 2 with the exception of K2.

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