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Do you guys fold more to a girl?

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I really believe with my physical image I tend not to get as much action as say a young asian kid with a blingy hat . Is this just wrong or is it is real?

If its real, what adjustments do you think (besides playing more aggressive in pos with a wider range-I have been doing this alot more recently) I can make ?



  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    Depends on the girl. There are female players at Parx that are WILD, and then there are female players that I wouldn't call $1 into a hundred without the nuts.

    Absent reads/past history? Yes. I will fold more to a girl.
  • Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
    I treat all new players, male or female, as the same unknown entity until I start seeing a few hands that they play. Not sure how other players go about this...

    With that said, most of the women in the local player pool fall into one of two categories...weak passive or crazy LAG.
  • CruelUltimatum Posts: 160Subscriber
    Poker's turned me into a racist/sexist/ageist/looksist. I wasn't like this before I started playing live, I swear!

    Stereotyping seems to be about 80% accurate in my experience. Old man is going to be nitty. Young Asian blingy kid is going to be more aggressive.

    With women, it breaks down to:

    * Particularly attractive women
    * Everyone else

    If the girl is really attractive, then I'm less likely to fold. The reason for this is that people say some disgusting things to the girls at the table. They're always hitting on her, flirting, saying things like "I'd like to straddle your blind," etc. If she's in that environment, what's her incentive to play?

    It doesn't make sense to be subjected to that kind of awfulness and also be losing money. Therefore, I think it's more likely she's a winning player. Because very few people are going to want to pay money to subject themselves to that kind of behavior.

    As an Indian, I have the opposite problem as you. Even when I have a good image, I tend to get looked up more because we Indians are all crazy maniacs, so I just have to dial it back and I value bet bigger.

    My stereotypes I've observed after a couple thousand hands of live poker:

    Young South Asians - loose aggressive (semi-reliable)
    Old Asians - all over the board
    Indians of all ages - loose aggressive (reliable)
    Particularly attractive women - SHARK! (reliable)
    Other women - tight passive (reliable)
    Old men - tight passive (very reliable)

    When I first started observing these stereotypes, I felt kind of like a terrible person. "Stereotyping is wrong!" Well, when it's my winrate at stake, I'm going to make any assumptions I think are correct.

    I'm sure there's a really interesting socioeconomic study to be made about race/age/gender and poker playing styles. I know I'd read it.
  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    With apologies, the vast majority of women I've played with are tight passive and yes I fold to them once they start betting (and yes they usually have the near nuts). Wendy I think you'd get even more mileage from playing an opposite loose aggressive style and glad you are experimenting with it.

    I think another issue is that I was watching some old CLPs and saw the episode where Bart praised you for being a very good player. I'd fold if I played with you after that :)
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    I think one artificial thing you can do to change your image is to paint your nails black, pierce your nose, and spike your hair up and dye it with pink or blue highlights. I have seriously considered modifying my physical appearance to give off a different vibe, especially when I'm outta town on a poker trip (though I've been too lazy/uncomfortable to ever do it).
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    People are going to adjust to you differently. Use what they do against them. I know a few fairly attractive girls that play. People will just give away money to them. In all honesty you dont have to be a 10 in the poker world to get people falling all over you. Use a bell curve. If you are say a 7 in everyday life you are going to be a 10 in your poker life. The most attractive girls in the player pool get the most freebees. Thats just how it is. Ive seen guys tell the girl at the table that they have the nuts and for them not to bet, or call. They NEVER lie. For the most part people would rather bang you then win money from you. They will go out of their way to be "nice" to you by giving you free cards, not value betting when they should, hell ive even see someone call outta the BB vs a super tight chick with crap, flop the nuts, tell the girl he did and show her, check it down, give her her money back. Guys are stupid when it comes to interactions with a girl. Use it to take their money. You will be on a freeroll more often than you think.

    I feel that being nice and fun generally increases your winrate guy or girl. When i play live (at a casino where people dont already know me) i tend to ham it up and have a good time regardless if im winning or losing. For the most part the good regs know what im doing but 95% of the playerpool doesnt. Make them enjoy playing with you and they will give away their hand strength a lot. For the most part anyone playing $5bb and below arent doing it for a living. And if they are they are bad anyways since its basically impossible to do so.
  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Wendy, I think I would fold more than optimal to you. Of course, you might exploit this if we ever play, so I might have to adjust accordingly ;)

    If a woman looks like she can afford to be a recreational player and lose, I'll fold more to her because recreational female players tend to bluff less than the male ones.

    It's obviously not hard to identify the women who are total maniacs right away, and you obviously won't give off that image with the way you play.

    If I'm playing a younger girl who looks like she wouldn't normally be able to afford to play for that much money, and she's buying in for a lot, I assume she's not a fish and capable of making moves. Otherwise, what is she doing putting all that money on the poker table? I kind of described myself, so maybe that's why people don't fold to me.
  • jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
    i raise them more. period. i make moves whenever possible. the good ones put me in my place.

    honest and not double entendre
  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber

    You are thinking about this all wrong. People give women more respect for having a hand than other people overall. You shouldn't be trying to change your image or perception of what people think, you should be using that perception to your advantage. I used to lag it up to get action but I've found I prefer to be known as a tight player who doesn't make moves. You can get away with a lot more. If you have the rep of someone who bluffs w draws, double barrels, etc GUESS WHAT? Those tricks dont work anymore! Now you're forced to actually wait for a hand. I find I can make more money buying pots a lot of time vs having a lose image and getting paid on the one hand I finally get after 2 hours and even then its tougher to play because you will be called and raised lighter. I know a lady who is 65, nice old lady, and she does real well in poker because she runs all over the table triple barrel bluffing, etc and it works because of course noone suspects this of a lil ol lady. You need to play with her a lot to finally figure out, guess what? She isn't the typpical ol lady. I think you should take advantage of the stereotype given to women. I think some of the best female players in the world do this on purpose.

    Personally, I dont treat a women any different than any other player as far as my perception of whether or not she can bluff etc, UNLESS she seems like she's an obvious rec player and pretty new to the game. I know better. :)
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    I don't get enough action.. So I have been thinking given my apparent nitty image at the table how can I use that to my advantage. So given this I need to play laggier (but in pos against specific opponents) to make up for the lack of EV I will be getting on my value hands..

    thats all I was wanting to confirm..

  • CruelUltimatum Posts: 160Subscriber
    wendy weissman said


    I don't get enough action.. So I have been thinking given my apparent nitty image at the table how can I use that to my advantage. So given this I need to play laggier (but in pos against specific opponents) to make up for the lack of EV I will be getting on my value hands..

    thats all I was wanting to confirm..

    That's probably good, right? Is that really that different from having a winning image? If people are scared you have it, you get to run over the table.
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    I dont find myself folding more to women, but I do find that they dont seem to bluff as often as men do. I do find that I try to test women more than certain guys. Sometimes it works sometimes not.
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