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2-3 at CAZ

jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
A8cc in mp two limpers to me i make it $10. bb calls villain calls pot $24 (villain is a younger guy...younger than me anyway who plays pretty tight but also imo one o the better players at this table anyway...sees me as a lag probably overall as early in the session I had opened a lot of pots. He actually commented when I raise "oh there you are" as i had not played a hand in quite some time. he has also 3bet me before with AK AQ in this session. and showed!

Flop: A49dd bb checks I bet $25 villain calls. pot$94
Turn Qc ch ch
river: a blank..maybe a 7 non diamond(didnt put in notes but it changed nothing ) ch ch

I am pretty sure i should bet the turn..........but do I really have to fold to a raise...
River makes sense to bet fold

i missed value on the turn...and river correct? all thoughts welcome im here to learn


  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Hi Jim. What are the stack sizes? Also, did I miss a bet or was the pot $74 after he called your flop bet? You also said he's one of the better players, but any reads how he plays OOP -- folds alot or tends to call?
  • jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
    oops notes were wrong $74

    Stacks me like $450 or $500 I have him covered
    this session he seemed to call alot but there was a maniac at the table he had already lost two big pots to after ridiculous beats and was steaming a bit at least he looked steamed. but typically folds a lot. by better i mean simply he shows up with good hands...pretty . he is definitely not a calling station. and will fold tptk unlike the old men that fequent these tables. he thinks about wha t hes doing and what im doing dont really know how good he is....im probably not good enough to properly judge...
  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    I would bet fold both turn and river for value. I do think the turn is a bet fold as I don't see you ahead of anything he would raise you with (you lose to all Aces he would play except for suited As -- would be good to know if the A was a diamond or not, if it is a diamond it makes the nut FD less likely and probably puts more made hands in his range if he raised you). Also you are OOP so the river would be difficult to play-- its probably a check fold in most cases.
  • jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
    if he calls turn...and nothing changes on river thenbet fold river as wel l correct?
    ty for your help cant remember it was red A because the board was monochrome...pretty sure Ah
  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Yes, I like a bet fold on the river -- you might be able to get him to fold AJ, AT, A9 -- you describe that he is able to fold TP type hands. If he's steaming he might have worse. I would release however if you were raised on either turn or river.

    I don't mind a river check behind either, but betting gives you the pot for the few hands he has that beat you but can't take a 3-barrel.
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    The more I think about it the more I like betting twice for value. The range of aces that he plays this way that beat you is pretty narrow since I think he would probably raise hands like ATs+, AJo+. Your kicker plays and beats A2,A3,A5, and A6 and you might get a fold from A8. I think if you bet, get called, and lose you will often get shown ATo exactly.
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