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Another spaz at Caz?

jimswarthout Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2-3 (300)

K4ss bb

utg raises to$13 4 call i call pot$54

flop j23ss utg bets $20 drooler calls i call
turn 5h pot $94 utg bets $25 drooler calls

i ship $95

utg folds drooler calls after much "thought"

i think i should have called and seen river then bet if i make a hand. i am seeing a pattern in my play...and its not good.


  • shmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Am I doing my math right that you start the hand with $128 dollars, e.g. 42x BB? If so, I think you are too short stacked to call K4 suited esp OOP to a UTG PF raiser. I would fold, you can easily be dominated with the K and be against some premium hands.

    As played, UTG's turn bet is quite suspiciously small and I can understand why you shipped your draw (semi-bluff squeeze to get both players off of weak hands). Problem is that you have a drooler, which I take to mean that you have no FE equity against him. Also it's hard for them to put you on 46 or A4 so the 5 is not much of a scare card to bet. You also just don't have much money to induce a fold. So I just don't think you have much fold equity in this situation, which is what you are looking for in shoving a draw.

    I know it seems passive, but at this point you would be getting 5:1 on a call so I think this is the right play. Lets say the drooler has a pair.

    Hold'em Simulation ?
    44 trials (Exhaustive)
    board: js 2s 3c 5h
    Hand Equity Wins Ties
    ks 4s 40.91% 18 0
    jh th 59.09% 26 0

    Your FD/OESD is definitely getting the odds to call here. Nice thing too is that if he has an Asxs FD or AJ and hits an A, you are probably doubling up as your hand would be very disguised.
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Agree with shmed, calling an UTG open from OOP with this hand and less than 100 BB eff. stacks is not great.

    As played, I'd either check-raise the flop directly, because I want to get my money in with two cards to come. If I think there's no fold equity, I would rather call turn and call river (since the betsize is so small). If the turn bet is large and I don't hit an OESD, I might fold.
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